It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


24. Chapter 24

1 Month Later • Skyler POV • Yes we are still together. Zayn and I are VERY happy together-- but he's leaving today. I found an apartment to stay at, the one for Live Shows on X-Factor, but I'm going to miss him like crazy. I don't even know where to begin. I can't let him leave. He's everything. He's my whole life. He makes me happy no matter what and if I don't feel good, he's there for him. I-- love him. I haven't told him yet but I know it's true. The way I feel about him can't be described. He just makes me feel good and I can't stand being apart from him. Now he's leaving for about a year. He might visit- might is the key word. What if he doesn't? I'll be on X-Factor though. I made it to live shows and I'm moving into the apartment they give us. Lindley and I are rooming together. We've become great friends. She's not like Zayn though. I can only cuddle with Zayn and he's the only one that makes me happy, besides my brother. *ring* *ring* I pick up my phone. "Hello?" "Hello is this Skyler Ruchete, brother of Jacob Ruchete?" a lady asks. "Yes" I say confused. "I'm sorry to say, but your brother has passed away" the lady says. I feel my heart sink. My heart shatter. My life fall apart. Everything is gone. Jacob is gone. All those horrible memories of my parents come back within an instant and depression overwhelms me. I want to talk but the words are stuck in the back of my throat. What. Jacob? No. "He has committed suicide. Off the bridge on 6th street" the lady continues. I feel the tears swell up in my eyes and I can no longer see. I hang up the phone and fall back into my bed crying. This can't be happening. No. This is some sort of sick prank. He can't be gone. He loved me too much- loves me. He's still here. He must be. He wouldn't leave me. He couldn't. But he did.
I hear the bedroom door open and someone walk in. "Skyler you have to leave for your flight now" I hear Zayn's voice. No. This can't happen. I can't loose both of the reasons to be. The reasons to live. It's like someone just stuck a knife through my heart, accept worse. My life is over. I don't need it anymore. "Skyler what's wrong?" Zayn asks sitting down on the bed and patting my back. I look up from my pillow and try to look at him, but there's too many tears. "Skyler..." he mumbles shocked. I try to talk but there's a lump in my throat stopping me. "What happened?" he asks. "Jacob..." I mutter, shaking and still crying. He pulls me into a hug and I cry on his shoulder. "What about him?" "He's-- gone" I cry and lean back looking at Zayn. "What do you mean gone?" he asks. "He jumped... He's gone... Dead..." I cry. Zayn is shocked at first, then pulls me into another hug. "and now your leaving for tour...and I'm leaving for X-Factor... I'm alone Zayn..." I whisper. "I'll miss you" he says. "I will too" I cry.
"I'll see you soon. I'll come back" Zayn says as I walk out of their flat. "Bye Zayn" I say and walk over to the sidewalk. I'm headed to the airport. Live shows next week... I turn around and wave to Zayn, then start walking again. I walk for about 10 minutes then approach a bridge. The bridge on 6th street. I set down my bag and look over the edge. This is what I have left behind of Jacob. A bridge. The bridge where he took his life. Why? I don't even know. But there's a bridge and rapid waters below. It's about 100ft high and there's huge rocks in the water below. The current is fast. Really fast. Jacob must of died as soon as he hit it... Now I'm the one that wants to hit it. It would make the pain go away. Everything would finally be over and done with. My life is nothing. Jacob kept me here but now he's gone... I want to be gone too. I look over the edge again. Should I? Why shouldn't I? Dropping all my stuff, I close my eyes. I see Jacob. I see him in heaven. I want to be there with him. I open my eyes again and stand up on the edge. "Jacob..." I whisper. "This is because of you" I say. I lift one foot up and I'm about to step out into nowhere when I hear someone. "SKYLER!!! STOP!!! I LOVE YOU"
It's Zayn. 
He's too late though. 
I'm falling. 
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