It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


23. Chapter 23

Skyler POV • I rolled off of Zayn and stood up quickly, looking across the room at my brother. Why was he here? I've missed him and I'm happy to see him but why? He's going to kill me. He's going to kill Zayn. He acts like my dad should. Not that I'm happy about that, but I have no freedom. Anger and rage filled his eyes as he stared at me shocked. "Jacob why are you here? How did you find me?" I ask. "That doesn't matter. What matters is that your making out with some guy that I don't know yet. I'm your brother. I want the best for you and you know that. I suggest you tell me who the fuck he is soon or--" "JACOB SHUT UP!" I scream causing him to give me a confused look. "What did you say?" "I said shut up. Your my brother. Not my parents" I state. "Ok but who is he?" Jacob asks pointing at Zayn. He stands up from his spot on the couch and walks over to Jacob, holding out his hand. "I'm Zayn" he says. Jacob looks at him, disgusted. "Why do you think it's ok to be with MY sister?" Jacob growls. "I've known her for about two weeks now. I know that's not long but--" "WHAT? Two weeks? You hardly know him and he's your boyfriend, Skyler?" Jacob screams at me. "I know him. He knows me. He's been here for me while you were gone" I say and walk up to Zayn's side. "But... you guys are freaking making out and-- you were just like--" Jacob can't finish. "What's wrong with that?" I ask. "I don't know him. What if he's bad for you. What if something happens to you because of him? I couldn't let that happen" he says annoyed. "Nothing will happen. I trust Zayn" I say seriously. "Are you sure?" Jacob questions. I nod my head and take Zayn's hand in mine. It immediately gives me the chills, but soon I feel a lot more comfortable. "I'm going back to college and--" Jacob stops, then looks at Zayn. "If you hurt my sister... I swear you won't wake up the next morning. You won't get to say your goodbyes. I would literally get rid of you" he says and with that, walks out.
"Stop it!!" I cry happily as Zayn tickles me on his bed. I giggle even more as he continues. "Why should I?" he jokes and I push his body away from mine, so we are lying down next to each other. "I'll get you back" I say winking. He smiles and wraps an arm around me, pulling my back into his body. I smile as he comforts me and gives me chills. I get butterfly's in my stomach every time he touches me-- which is a lot. Not in a perverted way, but we just like to be close. "Sorry about my brother earlier" I say ashamed. "No I'm glad I met him" Zayn says happily. "You must be joking? I mean I love him-- but he was rude to you" I say upset and a little embarrassed. "He was only upset because he walked in at a bad time" he says with a wink. "Well I was having a great time" I say with a smirk on my face. "I was too... So...." he stops and leans in kissing me softly. I happily kiss him back and roll on top of him. He puts his hands on my hips, making my whole body shiver. I trace my small hands down his side and bring them back up to put in his hair. He leans back and looks at me confused. "What?" I ask. "Your going to mess up my hair" he complains. I laugh at him and run my hands through his hair, then try my hardest to make it look like really bad bed head. "Like that?" I joke resting my head on his forehead and looking into his eyes. "Now I'm mad" he jokes. I kiss him a couple times then look into his eyes. "I can't stay mad at you though" he says grinning. He starts tracing kisses up along my jawline, making my skin tingle. He bites down on the kiss and I bite my lip, trying not to moan. He kisses my neck and gives me a couple love bites. This time I can't help it, and moan into Zayn's ear. "Zayn stop" I joke smiling. "Never" he says happily.
Niall POV • Ok I have to admit, I kind of like Skyler and walking in on her and Zayn... It hurt. I know it shouldn't. She's dating him. Not me. I know she doesn't like me like that. I don't even think she likes me at all. I wish she did. I wish I was in Zayn's place right now. After her brother left, they went into Zayn's room and stayed there for the rest of the day and its getting dark. What are they doing in there? I keep hearing her giggle from through the walls and I can only be jealous ••••• Skyler POV • "You know we have to fall asleep eventually" I whisper into Zayn's ear as we lay beside each other, his hand in mine. "And let you risk getting up and dying? No way!" he says shocked. "How am I supposed to get to my bed?" I ask. "Oh I got rid of your bed. The whole guest room disappeared. You'll have to stay here for the night" he says sarcastically. I smile at him and agree. "Well I need something to sleep in" I say. Zayn gets up and walks over to his dresser, going through the drawers. "Here ya go" he says throwing me a T-Shirt. I sit up in bed and look at Zayn annoyed. "Don't look! I'm changing!" I joke and wink at him. He turns around and I pull off my shirt, so I'm sitting there in my black bra. "Done?" he asks turning around and grinning at me. "You naughty boy Zayn" I joke smiling at him. I put on the shirt and throw my other one at him. He smiles and turns off the lights so its dark. I hear the floors creak as he walks over to the bed and lays down beside me. I get under the covers and rest my head on the soft pillow. Zayn sets his hands on my hips and pulls me into him. I rest my head on his chest and notice its bare. He must of taken off his shirt-- oh well. "Night Zayn" "Night Skyler" he says kissing me head.
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