It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


22. Chapter 22

"Good luck, I'll pick you up later" Zayn says to me and kisses me goodbye. I walk over to the building which is filled with all those who made it to bootcamp. Crowds of people are standing outside saying bye and wishing each other luck. Zayn didn't want to attract any attention so we said bye at his car. As I walked up, I noticed lots of girls and boys practicing and getting to know each other. Standing by a tree, looking around not talking to anyone, I heard someone behind me. I turned around to find a girl that looks like my age, standing there awkwardly. "Hi" she says holding out her hand. "I'm Lindley" she says as I shake her hand smiling. Haha. Lindley like the nurse at my school. Yeah I'll try not to think about her... "I'm Skyler" I say smiling. We talk for a little bit and get to know each other. She's homeschooled and her parents have always encouraged her in singing. Now she's getting a chance to show her talent. She's about my height and has dark brown, almost black, hair. She's really pretty to be honest. Once they called everyone inside the building, we went out on stage and sat down waiting for the judges to come out. Lindley and I sat next to each other in the back and talked for awhile. After everyone was out sitting and waiting, the judges sat down and people started to get called up to sing. Zayn helped me practice yesterday so I'm feeling pretty confident. "Skyler Ruchete" my name was called and I stood up, then walked out to the center of stage holding the mic. The music started and I sang the best I possibly could, hoping the judges would be impressed. They smiled as I finished and I thanked them, and went to sit back down. "You did great!" Lindley said smiling. I thanked her and she went up next. She did great too. I actually don't think I can compete with that... Hopefully I can...
They called my category back on stage to tell us who was going home. Lindley and I stood next to each other waiting impatiently. "Lindley, Skyker, James, Kenny, Elle, and Josh, please step forward" one judge said. We did and exchanged worried looks. "Your going to part two of bootcamp. If you name wasn't called I'm sorry you'll be going now" they said and I jumped up smiling. Lindley and I ran back stage happily and went to sit down. "Yes!!!" she cheered jumping around crazily. "Calm down haha we still have to make it to judges houses" I joked. As we talked, waiting for our rides home, a couple girls screamed and ran over to one of the doors. Lindley and I turned around to see what it was. She jumped up excited. "What is it?" I asked, standing up and trying to see who had walked in. "ZAYN MALIK OH MY GOSH!" she screamed and ran over to the crowd of girls. Uh oh... A couple security guards ran over and pried them away, revealing Zayn standing there with an annoyed look on his face. He looked over at me and smiled. I got up and started walking over to him, as he walked over to me. "Hey how'd it go?" he asked setting his hands on my hips and kissing me lightly. "Good" I said grinning. "Zayn is that your girlfriend?!?" someone screamed. "AM I your girlfriend?" I say smiling. "Your my beautiful, nice, and talented girlfriend" he says kissing me again. We walk out of the building hand in hand to his car.
I can't believe it! Zayn is my boyfriend. I am his girlfriend. It's kinda unreal. He's such an amazing guy and I'm just-- Skyler. The Skyler who is homeless, ugly, weird, and has no friends. Everyone seems to hate me except for Zayn and the guys. I've never done anything negative towards other people; they just hate me for stupid reasons. I don't even know why. I can't think of one reason why. What did I ever do to them? Nothing. Yet they hate me for that. I don't exactly deserve this. I don't deserve getting bullied and pushed around. But it stopped. I actually feel happy now. Ever since Zayn "saved me" from the haters, I've been a happier person. I haven't considered suicide in a couple weeks now. It used to be constantly on my mind, but it's not anymore. I feel like the bad days are gone. I can be me now. I know self harm is never the answer but in my case, it was the only answer. If anything bad happened again, I know that would be my only opinion. The only way to stop the evils of this world. The reasons I want to give up always overpower me. The scars covering my body from head to toe, remind me of that.
"What are ya thinking bout?" Zayn whispered into my ear sounding worried. We've been watching a movie for an hour now but I don't know one thing that has happened in it. Zayn pulled me closer to him and I smiled to myself. He's so sweet. We're on the couch laying under a blanket together and I couldn't be happier. Well- maybe if I stopped thinking about suicide. I don't need to worry. I have Zayn. He can help me. He wrapped his other arm around me so that I was completely in his arms surrounded by the comfort he gave me. His warm body pressed up against mine an gave me chills just thinking about it. I burry my head in the crook of his shoulder and shut me eyes, trying to fall asleep. "Do you still want to watch the movie?" he asks. I look up at him and smile, not responding. "Do you want to talk?" he asks. I remain silent and notice a grin spread across his lips. "Do you want to-" he stops talking and leans in, closing his eyes. When his lips meet mine, I immediately kiss him back, smiling onto his lips. He grins as our lips move in perfect sync and everything just seems right. Being with him. I'm happy when I'm with Zayn. He eventually pulls me onto his lap so my legs are on either side of his. He keeps his hands placed on my hips, as I have my hands in his hair. We hear the front door open and some people walk in, but we don't stop. I hear Niall's voice and another voice, very familiar but not one of he guys. Steps approach the living room, but Zayn and I refuse to stop. "Skyler! Oh my god!" I hear someone scream from the doorway. I know this voice. His voice. A very familiar voice. A voice that belonged to the one I cared about most in life. My over protective brother, Jacob.
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