It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


20. Chapter 20

Skyler POV • I like Zayn. Not as a friend. Well I thought I liked him as a friend, but I don't. I like him as more then that. When he asked me out it seemed like he regretted it. Does he even like me? I hope he does because I really like him. Even if he's leaving in two days for tour. I'll miss him. I still haven't figured out where I am going to stay though. Probably on the streets... Well obviously I'll be going to X-Factor stuff like boot camp and hopefully the judges houses. I wonder if Zayn likes me how I like him? LIKE like. After getting dressed for our date, I came out and saw that Zayn was waiting in the living room for me. I walked over to him and he looked up from his phone. As soon as our eyes met, he smiled and got up, walking over to me. "You look beautiful" he said looking up and down my body. I smiled and looked down blushing. Gosh why does he make me blush so much?! He makes me feel weird around him. It's strange. My knees get wobbly and I feel like I'm going to fall over. When he smiles at me I get butterflies. It's strange. We just met but I feel like I've known him my whole life. I feel like we've been dating for awhile too, yet this is our first date.
*After The Date* Zayn POV • Everything went perfectly. The best part is that I think she likes me how I like her. Did that make sense? Sure... I just like her. A lot. More then a friend. I feel like I've known her for my entire life. It's weird...we've only known each other for a week. I know everything about her. She knows everything about me. I like it like that. No secrets. I can be me and she accepts that. After dinner, we walked to the park. It was late so nobody was around. The stars were bright and lighting up the night like fireworks. We walked over to a bench and sat down. I had my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder. "Where should I go when you leave for tour?" she asked. I don't even know. She has no home. No family. She only has me. She's been relying on me for the last week. "I don't know... I'll help you find a place to stay though" I reassured her. "I wish you didn't have to go. I've had the best time with you this week" she said upset. "I'll miss you a lot" was all I said. I would. I would really miss her. She's become a big part of my life. Can things happen this fast? Last week she was just a fan and I didn't know her. Now I don't want to leave her. I rested my hand on top of hers and smiled. She had the smallest and cutest hands. Sketchy I know. But it's true. She has cute little hands. They fit perfectly in mine though, and that's how I like it. I like to be with her. I want to know how she feels about me. Does she like me as a friend or more? It's killing me not knowing. She turned her head to look up at me and smiled. She looked so beautiful. So perfect. She made me feel weird. I get butterflies in my stomach when he smiles. I get weak at my knees when we walk together. She makes me so nervous. "What are you thinking about?" she questioned. "Nothing" I said without looking away from her memorizing eyes. They were now a dark shade of blue. She bit her lip like she was about to say something or do something, but stopped herself. What did he want to say? I felt her tense up against me as I gave her a questioning look. "What's up?" I ask.
Skyler POV • "Nothing... I just-- nothing" I mumbled, still looking into Zayn's eyes. He put me in a trans. He was so mysterious I could never tell what he was thinking or what he wanted to do. I know what I want to do. I want him to kiss me-- no... He's my friend. That would be weird-- no it wouldn't. He's more then a friend. Well in my eyes he is. Sure this is a date but what if he doesn't feel the same way? I still want to kiss him though. He's so close to me. His lips hovering over mine. It's like he's teasing me and we'll never be together. But we are. Right now. Not together together, but we are on a date. That must count for something. The perfect way to end this date would just be a kiss. Even a little kiss. I don't care if its my cheek, my forehead, my lips, anything. It's so weird how I just 'want' Zayn. "What are YOU thinking about?" Zayn mocked me from earlier. I shook my head and pushed the impossible thoughts away. He's leaving soon. I can't be like this. It's just another person I need, leaving me life. Of course he'll come back, just like Jacob will, but I'm still alone for the time being. I need someone.
We got up eventually and started walking back to their flat. Our hands were locked together in a comforting way, like he doesn't want to let me go. I don't want to let HIM go. We eventually made it back to their flat and Zayn searched his pocket for his keys, while I looked down at me feet. He stopped when he looked up at me. "What's wrong? Did you not have fun?" he asked disappointed. "No No... It was perfect..." I said smiling at him but he still stood their looking at me for further explanation. We stood in silence for awhile just looking at each other. "We do this a lot" I state smiling. "Do what?" "Stare at each other. We are such creeps" I joke sticking my tongue out at him. "Being a creep isn't a bad thing" he jokes smiling at me. His smile was so perfect. I just want him to smile forever. When he smiles. I smile. He got tense again and I gave him a questioning look. "What's wrong?" I asked stepping towards him so we were only around a foot apart. His lips trembled as we was about to say something but nothing came out. "Say it" I whispered to him smiling. "It's not something I can say" he answered upset. "Do it" I whispered, now knowing exactly what he wanted. The same thing I did. 2mon
Zayn leaned in quickly, but slowly placed his lips on mine. I immediately kissed him back gracefully. He smiled onto my lips as he placed his hands on my hips and I placed my hands on his chest. I could practically feel his toned chest underneath his shirt. Our lips moved in perfect sync as the kiss deepened and Zayn stepped closer to me. Now his body was pushed up against mine, making me smile to myself. It became more of a make-out session as I pushed by body right back up against his. He smiled into the kiss and I did a mental fist pump of success. We both leaned back slowly and opening our eyes. His dark brown eyes were dilated black as it made him look even more mysterious. That was definitely the best first kiss with Zayn ever. The best first date too. My night is complete. He made me happy just like he always does. He bit his lip smiling at me with a little smirk on his face. "I had a lot of fun tonight" I said happily. He leaned in kissing my cheek and whispered into my ear, "I did too" sending chills down my spine.
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