It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


2. Chapter 2

I woke up in the nurses office and looked around. Mrs Lindley was sitting at her desk filling out papers and there were some people standing around her. She is the nurse, here at South County High. "Uh.. Mrs Lindley? What happened to me?" I asked as I sat up. The blue walls surrounding me made me feel like I was in a ocean. Bright lights burned my eyes as I looked around the room and stood up slowly. My head throbbed as soon a I was on my feet. "Sit down sweetie, someone is coming to pick you up early" she said. Who would come and pick me up? I know my parents wouldn't. They don't want anything I do with me. They hate me. They blame me for everything. "Who's picking me up?" I asked as I sat back down and the pain in my head died down. "Someone named...Erm... Jacob! Yes Jacob is coming!" She said happily. "He's in college..." I mumbled. Why would he come get me? He left last week to start his first year of college and now I'm here alone suffering through my senior year. Jacob isn't just my brother. He's my best friend. He saves me from our parents. He stops them from hurting me. From abusing me and blaming everything on me. But now he's gone. He can't defend me anymore. I need him back.
The door opened and I looked up to find Jacob. He's here! "Skyler! Are you ok?" He asked walking over to me quickly and picking me up off the bench, hugging me. "I don't even know what happened. Why are you here?" I asked. "Well someone has to pick you up" he said happily. "But... College?" I asked confused. "I left for the day to come and visit" he said and walked over to the nurse. "Thank you Mrs Lindley, I'll take her home now?" He asked and she nodded. He walked back over to me and picked up my bag, that was laying beside the bench. "Let's go, little sis" he said happily and walked towards the door. I followed him out and into the halls. It was in-between classes so only a few people stood by their lockers. We walked down the hall until we reached the main office where Jacob signed me out and we walked outside and over to his car. I hopped into the front seat and pulled down the sleeves on my hoodie, over my hands to cover the skin. "What was that for?" Jacob asked as he got in the drivers seat. "What for?" I asked and looked down. "Your hands... Let me see them..." He said. I sat there frozen and waited for him to start the car. "Let me see" he said as he grabbed my wrists. I groaned in pain as he pushed down on my cuts, scars, and bruises. "Oh my god Skyler are you ok--" he trained off as he pushed up my sleeves, revealing my hands and arms. They were covered in everything. Scars. Bruises. Cuts. My skin was more purple and black then actual skin color. I could easy wrap my pinkie around my wrist too, as it was so thin. "Please tell me mom and dad didn't do this..." he said. I looked down ashamed. 
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