It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


19. Chapter 19

Zayn POV • Today is Skyler's audition. I can't wait. I know she's the one auditioning but I'm still excited and I know she will make it. She seems a little nervous but not that much. She is one of the first to audition too, so we won't have to wait in line that long. Yes. I said "we". I don't care if fans recognize me. I'm there for Skyler and I'm going to stick by her side. She needs the support and I'm the one who has convinced her to do this. Not forcefully, because in a way I can see she is happy that I suggested it. She mentioned having stage fright and said how I am still the only person she has sang to. I know she'll do fine though. It might be hard, going from only singing to me, to singing to hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. I know she can do it. She can do anything. I have total faith in her. She is definitely star-quality and this is just a confidence boost. Once the world sees her talent, the record labels won't hesitate. I know she will have a good future. I can just tell. And with her background, where she came from and what she went through, this will be the best for her. Things don't stay bad forever. A bright light will shine on her one day and she will realize that the bad times are over. Now she can start her new life and be happy. I know.. I know.. Maybe I shouldn't be THIS confident, but I am. I know she will succeed. If she doesn't, then kill me. Right then and there. It's only been about a week since we first met, but she's already become my best friend. I know the real her and everything about her. She knows the real me. I sometimes feel like she completely forgets about being a fan, and we can focus on us. We can focus on becoming even better friends.
"I'm nervous..." Skyler whimpered as we stood in line outside of the large building. Hundreds of people stood behind us and about fifty in front. Nobody has noticed me yet, thankfully. I brought her into a hug and she buried her head in my chest. I smiled at the comfort I gave her and rested my chin on the top of her head. I took in a deep breath and inhaled Skylers cute sent of cherries and sugar. Cheesy I know but she smells good- no that's weird. She's just...I don't know. I can't really put it into words. I just like being with her. "Two years ago I was in the same position you are in now. Don't stress. It will all be ok" I whispered in her ear. She looked up and smiled at me. "Thanks Zayn" she said and kissed my cheek. I felt my body go into shock as her lips brushed up against my skin. A good shock. Sweet. Nice. Comforting. When she pulled away I felt empty. Like everything left. My cheek was cold and left tingling. We took a couple steps forward in the line, now only ten people away from entering the building. I reached over and held her hand, giving it a little squeeze. "I'm still nervous.." she said upset. "We aren't even inside yet and there's nothing to be nervous about" I said smiling at her.
"I can't do this! I'm going to screw up!" she complained as we stood backstage and waited for her to get called onto stage. "You'll do fine! Focus on you. Don't think about the judges or people watching you. Express your music the way you want to and have fun with it" I said and she shook her head no. "Please. I know you can do this" I whispered. She stared at me for a couple seconds and I gave her a tight hug. "I can do this. I can do this" she whispered to herself "I know you can" I whispered to her and leaned back. I gave her a smile and she hugged me again. "Skyler Ruchete? Your turn to audition" someone said and she pulled away from the hug. I kissed her forehead and she smiled. "Good luck" I said and she turned around, walking over to the stage. A man handed her a microphone and she looked back at me for a second, then walked out onto stage. I ran over to the TV so I could watch. She looked nervous, but ready, as the judges talked to her asking for her name and stuff. "And what will you be singing today?" one judge asked. "Hold Up" she said confidently.
"Now that I am thinking sober
Don't you try to get no closer" she sang slowly, not looking up. Come on Skyler. You can do this!
"I'm just gonna get in my car and drive, and drive" as she finished that line, she finally looked up at the judges. Confident. Happy. Excited. She sang the next few lines and the judges seemed to like her, but not how I thought. "Think you made your greatest mistake!!" she started the chorus and a crowd screamed so loud. I knew it. People will remember her. "I'm not gonna call this a breaks" she sang and the screams got louder. "Think you really blew it this time
Think you could walk, on such a thin line" she sang with the biggest and brightest smile. "Won't be making your midnight calls
Ignore the rocks you throw at my wall
I see it written on your face
You know you made it" she finished the chorus and two judges stood up and started cheering like the fans. The music stopped and the judges were all now standing and clapping. She looked so happy. The most beautiful smile was spread across her face. She waited to hear what the judges had to say. "Best female singer of the year"
"You will go far"
"I love your voice"
"I would sign you to my label right now"
She got four yeses and started crying on stage. When she walked off I ran over to her and she literally jumped onto me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck hugging me. I held her up, wrapping my arms around her tightly. "Oh my god! Oh my god!" she cried into my ear. "You did amazing! I told you this would happen!" I said excited and finally let her down. She stood in front of me, tears for joy streaming down her cheeks. Camera men immediately ran up to her and started filming every move she made. She gave me an annoyed look. "Skyler needs her privacy! Goodbye" I said pushing the cameras away. "Zayn! Zayn!" they said over and over. No. "I'm not Zayn who's Zayn?" I joked and Skyler stood there laughing. I rolled my eyes at her and wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her into me. She smiled and we walked away from everyone, then out the building. "Zayn Malik!" someone screamed. I laughed and winked at Skyler then called out, "WHO'S ZAYN? I'M GEORGE!" Skyler laughed at me and we walked over to me car. I opened the door for her and she thanked me, then got in. I walked over to the other side of the car and got in.
When we got back, everyone was gone. "Where are they?" Skyler asked. "Don't know... Maybe they went out?" I said. "So.. Uh..." I started but shut up when I realized what I was about to ask. "What?" Skyler asked taking a step towards me. I shook my head and said, "nothing." "Seriously! Tell me" she complained stepping towards me again. "Uh..." I started. He gestured for me to keep going. "Do you wanna go out to dinner? like to celebrate? Just the two of us" I said worried about her answer. I did NOT just ask her out. No. I did. Why did I? Sure I like her but she only likes me as a friend. I like her as more then that. "Like... A date?" she asked with a little smile on her face. Smile? What? "Uh... If you want it to be?" I said and immediately took it back. Great now I really did ask her out on a date. She looked at me for awhile not saying anything. "Or as friends? Cuz we are friends right?" I said. She smiled at me which made me tense up. She took another step closer so that our faces were only a foot apart. Oh I hope she doesn't think I'm weird for asking her out. Yeah I like her but...I don't know. I want to stay friends with her. "Yeah I'll go out with a date" she said and tried to hide her smile. I couldn't hide mine though. 
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