It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


16. Chapter 16

Skyler POV • Today I'm going out shopping with Louis. We talked last night and this morning. He wants to get to know me just like Zayn did. I just hope he's as nice as Zayn. I know he's nice already because this shopping is all for me. He insists on getting me stuff. I don't need to go shopping though. I have cloths... Louis says I need MORE though. "So do you like Zayn?" Louis asks as we walk through the mall. "Yeah he's really nice" I say smiling to myself. "No do you LIKE like Zayn?" he jokes and slightly bumps into me laughing. "No he's just a friend. Anyways, we just met... I hardly know him" I pointed out. "You know the famous him don't you? Your a fan right?" he asks. "I've heard a couple of your songs. That doesn't mean I know the famous him" I say smiling. I'm surprised I even recognized them. I've only seen their album covers. "So your not crazed and obsessed?" Louis asks, almost sounding disappointed. "Not really.. But I can tell who sings what parts, like I can recognize each of your voices" but when I say this, I think of Zayn's voice. I think of when we were singing together last night. How it sounded so different from what I heard on their recorded songs. His voice was much better in person. So pure and natural. "What are you thinking about?" Louis asks, taking me out of my gaze. I look over at him and notice a huge grin on his face. "What?" I ask laughing. "Should I ask WHO your thinking about?" he jokes and smiles at me. "Well I have a question first" "and what's your question?" Louis says smiling. "Do you have any idea why Zayn knows the words to a Justin Bieber song?" I ask trying to hold back my laugh.
"Are you telling me that he sang Justin Bieber?" Louis jokes and starts laughing. I nod and he laughs even more. "Wait so you were thinking about Zayn?" Louis asks, raising his eye-brows. "Uh... Yeah..." I say embarrassed. "Aw! You soooo like him!" Louis points out. I laugh at him until I realize he is serious. "Wait what? I don't like Zayn. We are friends. Nothing more" I state. "I bet he likes you and you just broke his heart saying that!" Louis gasps and I laugh at him. "Why in the world would Zayn, the guy who can win over any girls heart, like me?" I ask. "Because you might be that girl who's heart he wants to win over" Louis states winking at me. "Doubt it... I would rather be good friends with him anyway" I say. "Sureeee" Louis says sarcastically and grabs my hand, pulling me into Jack Wills.
Zayn POV • "When are they coming back? I want to meet her!" Niall complains as we sit in the lounge, watching TV. "Not until much later, Niall. You know how much Louis likes to shop" I say annoyed. I'm annoyed because Louis is with Skyler today. I know she's not "mine" but I did have something planned, and Louis decided to make it a day at the mall, without me. I wanted to hang out with her more. We leave at the end of the week for the tour so I won't get to see her much more. I know we hardly know each other but I'll miss her. I just hope she doesn't go back to being that beautiful girl who's too ashamed to show her stunning smile. She needs to smile. She needs to show the world how amazing she is. I wish she would sing more too. I know for a fact that she could have a great career with a voice like hers. It's so perfect, meaning not even one flaw. She never missed a note and always stayed on the beat of the song. Not going too fast or too slow. Perfect. Her voice was like an angels. It could put you into a trans. Maybe she will try out for X-Factor? I hope she does. I can just tell, once her audition is showed on TV, it would be like instant fame. The girl that everyone would remember and pray for her to win. Maybe I could convince her to audition before I leave at the end of the week. I know that auditions are coming to town in two days. Perfect timing. I just need to tell her about it. She has everything you need to be a star. Beauty and talent. That's basically it. It would build up her confidence too. The bullying might stop. She might make some friends if people saw the real her. "Zayn..." Niall said, snapping me back into reality. "Do you like her?" he asked. She's beautiful, nice, talented, and sweet but we are friends. "Not like I-would-date-her kinda like. She's just a friend" I say smiling. Truth is, she is one of those girls I would be interested in dating though. 
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