It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


12. Chapter 12

Skyler POV • "Pack up all this shit and get out!" my father yelled at me as I threw my belongings into a duffle bag. Cloths, brush, shoes, toothbrush and toothpaste, anything I needed to-- survive. I may be poor but the things I have aren't crappy. I have Uggs and TOMS. Most my shirts are from Hollister and also my jeans. I have sweatpants from Jack Wills. "Hurry up!" he screamed. I finished stuffing as much as I could into the bag and walked towards the door. I still don't have a hoodie on, so all my scars, bruises, and cuts are noticeable. I'll put it on when I get outside. "Faster!" he yelled at me as I walked towards the front door. I stepped outside into the cold air and shivered as the freezing winds chilled my exposed skin. Zayn and Louis were still standing on the sidewalk talking. I looked around the corner and saw that Mason, Timber, and the two girls had left. "Go along! Leave!" my dad yelled at me as I walked down the front steps slowly. Zayn and Louis looked up at me. "Faster!!!" he called out and something sharp hit my back. I felt as it cut open my skin and blood started to drop down my back onto my white shirt. The cut started to sting as the cold air rushed against it. I groaned in pain as I quickly walked away from my home-- used to be. Now I don't have one. Zayn POV • She came out of her house with a small duffle bag and walked down the steps slowly. The same man who had let her in, came into view and stood by the doorframe. "Go along! Leave! Faster!" he screamed harshly and held something up. It was a freaking knife. He threw it at her back and she winced in pain as it fell to the ground, little drops of dark red blood on the edges. She looked up and me and frowned in embarrassment. "You were no good anyway. Sad excuse for a daughter" the man hissed at her and slammed the door shut. She closed her eyes and leaned her head down, then slowly tears started to fall down her cheeks. "Are you Skyler?" Louis asked from beside me. I looked over at him shocked and he gave me a questioning look. "Yeah... How do you know my name?" she whispered as she walked up to us slowly. "Zayn told me about you. I hear your good at singing?" he asked. She looked at me and shook her head. "I'm not... Zayn did you tell the others too?" she asked. "You are a great singer... the other boys don't know about you. Just Louis and I" I said reassuringly. "Ok..." she said, and with that, turned around and started to walk down the sidewalk. That's when I saw her back. Covered in cuts, bruises, scars, blood, and black and blue. Oh my god. She did mean it when she was singing that song. About abuse. She is abused. Probably by that man inside, her dad? Probably by those guys from earlier too. Her lacy white shirt was ruined because of the blood but she didn't look like she cared. She didn't look like she cared about anything. How could she let this abuse happen to her? I hate seeing fans like this. Louis phone started to ring and he answered it quickly then smiling. "Hey Katie. Yeah I'll be there soon. Bye love" he said happily. "Got to go mate. See you back at the flat?" He said and frowned at me. "Talk to her" he whispered then walked away. I ran up to Skyler and noticed she was crying. Crying a lot actually. "Skyler?" I asked quietly as I walked by her side. She didn't say anything, just kept crying. "Do you want someone to talk to?" I offered. She remained silent. "Where are you headed too?" I asked. She stopped walking and looked right ahead. In fear? In confusion? Unknowing? Stranded? "I don't know..." she finally answered. Another tear ran down her cheek. "Do you have a home to go to? What happened back there?" I asked worriedly. "Can you go? I'm sorry... I don't want to be rude but--I just need some time alone..." she said upset. "Um... Ok... If you need anyone to talk to, just find me... I'll be in town for the rest of the week." I said. She gave me a weak smile then walked away. 


//so this is going to be my last update for two weeks. I'm going away to Tenerife so won't be able to post untill I get back :( I'm sorry and I do hope y'all will stay and wait to read the next lot of chapters... If you don't then I'm sorry and I'm glad you stayed up untill this point. While I'm gone I'd like to know what you guys think about this movella? Whether you like it or hate it or even if you would change a part of it, let me know..... I'm not gonna keep you any longer so goodbye and see you guys soon..... Love you chloe xx

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