It's a long walk to heaven

You'll have to read on to find out more about this one... This is one of my favs that I have posted so yeah hope you enjoy...


11. Chapter 11

Zayn POV • I don't know what it was. When I looked at Skyler for the first time, and times after that, I saw an upsetting beauty. This meaning she is beautiful, that is a fact; yet she doesn't see the good in life. She doesn't see any good at all. Looking into her eyes you can see the pain, the longing, the need for a happier day. It's like she is alone. I know I've only talked to her twice, but both times...she looked hurt. Not just physically- but mentally. Does she have people that love her? Everyone does...but she doesn't act like it. The song she was singing. It was about abuse. I know that. 'Damaged, as I'm sure you know' she kept repeating that. It's part of the song, yes, but she meant it. She sang that verse like she could relate. 'Im scared, and I'm alone...' was the next line. She sang so beautifully. So perfect. Her voice was like an angels. Can she relate to this song, or am I going crazy? She sang about being alone, hurt, scared... damaged... Is this true? Is that her life? Is that why she walked away when she knew it was me? Is that why she looks so hurt?
My thoughts were interrupted as Louis poked my cheek laughing. "What?" I asked him annoyed. "Your staring...or spacing out? What are you thinking about mate?" He asked me. "It's-- nothing..." I said and looked down the sidewalk. She was about to cross the street, but stopped mid step, and turned around to look at Louis and I. She looked back at the street, then back at us again. What's wrong with her? She started running back to Louis and I with a scared look on her face. "Skyler?" I questioned her as she ran past me but didn't stop. Not far behind her was a group of teenagers. The two boys from before, and two girls. All they want is trouble... "Zayn... Please don't tell them where I went ok?" she pleaded. I shook my head in agreement. She ran up to one of the houses and knocked on the door quickly. It opened and there stood a tall and evil looking man. "I thought we kicked you out? Be gone!" He yelled at her. "I'll just get my stuff will make things easier and quicker. Please?" She asked quickly. He stepped aside and let her enter the small house. "What the heck..." Louis mumbled. "Where did your little girly friend go?" the boys asked as they approached us. "Zayn! Your dating her?!?" Louis screamed excited/shocked. "I'm not dating anyone... You guys need to back off her..." I said calmly. They just laughed at me. "Don't try to defend that twig.." one of the girls sneered. "Don't try to act cool by being mean, that won't get you anywhere in life" I snapped at her. "And why would YOU know anything about getting somewhere in life? I bet you don't even have a home" she laughed and the others joined in. Louis and I exchanged glances and chuckled. "We've already gotten somewhere... We don't exactly need to worry about things like looks, money, friends, a job..." Louis pointed out. "Yeah like you two actually have a job" one of the boys joked. "Yeah we're actually in a band... A really famous one. Millions of screaming fans. About to leave for tour next week. Having a concert tonight. World famous. You probably don't recognize us because life isn't important to you" Louis stated stupidly acting like they wouldn't understand a word he said.
"Bullshit" one of the guys said and lifted his fist up to punch Louis. I pushed him out of the way and stood in front of Lou. "Don't touch my friends" I stated coldly. "You should go now. I'm sure that nobody is expecting you nowhere. Wouldn't want to be late" I said sarcastically and laughed at them. They gave me a dirty look then turned around to walk back to wherever they came from. "Those are the guys you were telling me about? The ones mean to Skyler?" Louis asked worriedly. "That's them..." I said. "So what was up with that man in the house, kicking her out? Something like that?" Louis questioned. She was getting kicked out? Does she know where to go? Is she moving in with her other family or something? She can't on the streets..?
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