Out of My Mind

Isabella Cortez volunteers at her aunts hospital. She left for a whole two months to work on school. She missed out on a lot. She found out that theres a new boy. When visiting him for a few days, she learns a few things.

1.) He's bipolar

2.) There's three of him

Yes three. Not triplets. No, theres three of him, but one boy. This is DEFINATELY not just bipolar disorder, because he gets called THREE different names, and has THREE different personalities.

Drew- Calm, and sweet

Justin- Shy, and scarred

Jason- Brave, and dangerous

She found out that you need to know who is who, and what each one is capable of. As life goes on, her and her little friend, Katrina, help 'Drew' try to overcome his Multiple Personality Disorder. She also learned what caused his disorder. The only problem is, he can't control who comes out, and when they do, he can do nothing about it.

"You only date one of me. Remember baby, theres three."


1. Volunteering


"Randy! Ryan! Give me a ride to the store!" I called to my nineteen, and twenty year old brothers. I slid on my converse, grabbed my phone off the night stand and walked downstairs, fully dressed. They were plopped on the couch, with a big bag of Doritos in their hands.

"Can someone please give me a ride?" I repeated. Their heads turned towards me, curiously.

See my brothers are very protective over me. While my parents work, we stay home. With me being seventeen, and them being nineteen, and twenty, they literally watch me. As if they don't already.

Randy is the oldest. He's very tall for his age, and intimidating. He was a jock in high school, making him popular. His popularity passed down to me... Sorta, not in good ways. I'm not one of those snotty whores. No, I'm the girl people find funny to pick on. Randy works out a lot but eats like a pig. He's real muscular along with Ryan who is one year younger.

"Say what?" Ryan asked.

"Can one of you take me to the store then drop me off at Aunt Reynas work?" I like to help out at the hospital my aunt works at, since I don't really do anything most of the day, I volunteer. I haven't been there in over like two months though. Ryan nodded.

"I'll take you little sis." He said. "Aye tell the guys where I am bro, I'll be back later." He called to Randy. Supposedly some of their friends were coming over while my parents were out of town. Yeah. I have to stay in a house with my two older brothers and their friends for three months. Knowing mom, and dad, that trip will get extended.

Ryan grabbed his keys and phone and we got into his car. When he pulled into the store we both got off.

"So what are you getting from here?" He asked me.

"I'm going to the hospital so I'm getting some candy for the kids." I stated and walked towards the candy section.

"I swear little sister you're a saint... Behind your horns is the halo." I chuckled.

"Ha ha very funny!" I said sarcastically. We got to the counter and be paid for my stuff, and his 2 bottles of sprite.

"So you're gonna be with aunt Reyna the whole time?" He questioned. I sighed.

"Yes brother." I mocked. He raised an eyebrow. "Yes! I mean it, you don't have to worry!" I laughed. He simply nodded his head and stopped in front of the hospitals entrance. I was about to hop out until he called to me.

"Hey, hey, hey! Just because you're seventeen doesn't mean you can stop kissing your brothers goodbye!" He exclaimed. I laughed and kissed his cheek. "Love you sis, be safe, call me or Randy when you're ready."

"Ok, I love you too, bye!" I said before closing the car door.

I walked into the hospital and to the front desk. "Hey Sid, what do you need for me to do today?" I asked Sid, the nurse at the desk.

"Hey sweetie! Long time no see! I'm not to sure, your aunt Reyna is on the fifth floor with the children. Go on up." She said sweetly. I nodded my head and headed towards the elevator.

It stopped on the fifth floor. On the right were the kids. The left was the older kids. I took a right, and followed the rainbow colored tile, towards the kids.

I saw my aunt sitting in a circle, talking to the kids.

"Hey!" I said and their heads snapped to me.

"Bella!" The kids yelled. I laughed and sat on the floor with them.

"I brought..." I trailed off. "CANDY!" They cheered and reached for the bag, until I pulled it back.

"Nuh uh! You have to say 'Bella is the bestest girl in the whole wide world.'" I joked, but they actually said it!

"Now you know I don't like for you kids to eat candy this late." Aunt Reyna said. We were all sitting crossed legged, facing her. I put a pout on my face along with the other kids.

"Pleeeaaaaaasssssseeee!" We begged. She playfully rolled her eyes.

"Oh alright!" I knew she couldn't deny the look on our faces. I put the bag in the middle of the floor, and they literally attacked it.

"Hey! I wanted some too!" I huffed. They laughed and Katrina, a six year old cutie pie, came up to me.

"Here you go Bella." She said and handed me a hersheys bar.

"Aww thanks Katrina!" I said and gave her a light hug.

"You're welcome. How come we didn't see you? I missed you." She frowned.

"I'm so sorry babe. I've been real caught up into school and dumb homework. I missed you too! I had to come see you guys today though!" I exclaimed. She giggled. "So how have you been doing?" I asked.

"Reyna said good! My back don't hurt no more. And I my arm is working again!" She stated.

You see, Katrina was pulled out of a fire. Her house was in flames and she was inside. She was caught under her dresser. It fell on her left arm, while on fire. She had burns all over her back, and her arm gave out with all the pressure that was put on it, so she was going through physical therapy when I last saw her, and apparently its going well.

"Good job Katie! I'm so proud of you!" I jumped up and down.

"Oh and guess what!" She said.

"What?!" I asked in her tone.

"I think that new boy Johnny likes me." She whispered and pointed to a boy with a green cast on his leg. My eyes widened.

"Really?" I asked. She nodded.

"He called me pretty and gave me his juice box!" She smiled.

"Oh snap girl, he's so into you." I snapped my fingers. She laughed.

"Do you have a boyfriend Bella?" She asked. Kids...

"No." I frowned. "Boys don't find me attractive babe." I said. Her mouth dropped.

"Nuh uh Bella! You are so pretty! I wish looked like you! Maybe boys are being dumb, because you're too pretty for them. They're losers!" I laughed at that. She was so cute! "Besides..." She paused. "There's a new boy on this floor, you should date him. He got here when you left." She smiled.

"Listen Katrina, I'm seventeen a-" she cut me off.

"Reyna! How old is Drew?!" She yelled.

"Eighteen!" She answered. Katrina smiled.

"See!" She said.

"Did I ever tell you you're my bestfriend?" Only a bestfriend does that to her bestfriend. Weird.

"I know." She smiled. "Come on Bella, you need to see him! He's really nice!"

"What's he in here for?" I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I don't want a boyfriend I will cry about for not getting better.

"He got into a fight. He has muscles." She stated.

"You've seen him?" I asked. She nodded.

"Yeah! He's like my big brother! He always talks to me and buys me juice!"

"Hey honeys I'll be right back." Aunt Reyna said as another lady was taking her spot to watch the kids.

"Where are you going?" Katie asked.

"I'm gonna take Drew more clothes." She stated and walked off.

"Let's go take him some candy Bella! Please!" She stood up and pulled on my arm. I sighed and stood up.

"Oh alright, only because you're you." I said. She reached her arms up and I picked her up and placed her on my hip.

Let's see if Drew's is as nice as she's saying...
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