It Feels Wrong But Right.

My name is Natalie Harris im 17yrs old i live texas my parents are very rich they have there own company so i guess that makes me rich but i dont like to show off.
my parents are making me move with my grandma in chersire. i have to go to school over there and get a job good thing that my grandma owns a little restaurant there in chersire so i will work for her. anyways while im over there i meet harry styles yes from one direction he goes to the school i will be going to.
he is very popular every girl wants him. and his friends aswell. he is dating taylor swift. but when he sees me will everything change ???

first time writting. hope yall like it


3. Oh Sorry.

I look at my schedule. first period is 103 with Mrs.Cain i dont even know were to go but ill just walk intill i see someone and ill ask for help. i was walking and look at my schedule intill i realised i was on the floor and my stuff was everywhere. Watch were youre going a british husky voice said. oh im sorry i didnt see you. i can see that he said. how rude i said in my mind. i picked up all my stuff then got up from the floor. when i looked up i saw a curly hair boy when beautiful green eyes. Next time watch were your going he said with his husky voice. I-I will i said i just looked at him then walked away.
i cant believe what just happen i bumped into a cute but rude boy.

Harry's POV.
i was walking to class i was going to be late like always be i really didnt care.
teachers should be happy i even make it to class. my phone startes vibrating i look at it
It was a message from Louis My Bestfriend.
Louis:Where are you at ??????????????
i was gonna text back intill i bumped in to someone. Watch were your going i said.
Oh im sorry i didnt see you. " a american girl said" i can see that i said. she started picking up her stuff from the floor. then she got up from the floor she look up and wow this girl was really beautiful. Next time watch were your going. I-I will she stuttered. she just looked at me then walked away. wow i need to know this girl then after that i went to class i walk in. Mr styles Your Late again take a sit. i sat down by louis i told him what happen to me earlier. man she was beautiful i couldnt stop thinking about this girl.

Natalie's POV
I was still lost. then i saw a girl by the lockers she was beauiful she had long black hair with hazel eyes she was very fit as you can say. i walk over to her i ask if she knew were 103 was she looked at me and said we have the same class first period. You can walk with me she said with a smile. oh how rude i didnt even introduce myself Im Katie Patterson she said in her british accent. Im Natalie Harris We walk to are class together well here is 103 we walk in class. the teacher looked at us. yall are very late to class i need an explanation she said. well i was helping the new girl find her classes she look at me with a face that said just go along with it. then i said oh yeah i needed help. the teacher look at both of us okay girls take a sit. we both sat together.
ok class grab a partner me and katie looked at eachother partners ? yes i said
class this is a project so yall are going thave to do this at home not in class.
Ring Ring.... the bell ranged class is dismiss.
i started walking with katie to my next class we had the same class again.
oh wait i need to get my history book from my locker okay we walked to her locker then i saw that guy i bumped into he was with his friends and group of girls. hey katie who is that boy with the curly hair she look at me wait you dont know who is he ? well no thats why im asking i said with a confused look. thats harry styles from one direction does that ring a bell. i looked at her like if she was crazy no i dont know who is one direction. omg i cant believe it they are the biggest hottest boy band and they are very popular. by the way my crush is that one his name is zayn. he had a half sleevee tattoo. the one with the curly hair is very cute. oh no girl dont even try he is a player and he flirts with every girl he sees and he is talking to taylor swift. wow how do you know this stuff i ask well we have people that dont know how to kept there mouth shut she laughed. well we better get going to are class .
we walk in class and sat down together. it felt like i knew this girl for a long time she was very nice we had alot of things in common.

Harry's POV
I was talking with my friends then i looked at the time well guys im going to class. when i waledk in class i saw the girl i bumped into she was laughing and smiling this girl is beyond beautiful. she looked up at me then put her head down fast. i just looked at her with a confused look. why did she do that. i sat down two desk away from her i couldnt stop looking at her. then i saw her friend tell her something in her ear then she looked back at me i smiled at her but she didnt. then finally the class was over i decide i should talk to her i went up to her. i tap her shoulder she turned around. Hello Im Harry and your very beautiful i smiled showing my dimples. Uhhh hi she smiled then her friend called her name " Natalie lets go" she looked at me then she smiled and walked away.
is she not intrested in me ?




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