It Feels Wrong But Right.

My name is Natalie Harris im 17yrs old i live texas my parents are very rich they have there own company so i guess that makes me rich but i dont like to show off.
my parents are making me move with my grandma in chersire. i have to go to school over there and get a job good thing that my grandma owns a little restaurant there in chersire so i will work for her. anyways while im over there i meet harry styles yes from one direction he goes to the school i will be going to.
he is very popular every girl wants him. and his friends aswell. he is dating taylor swift. but when he sees me will everything change ???

first time writting. hope yall like it


2. New School.

Hunny time to get up you dont want to be late for school. My grandma shook me trying to wake me up.
Im up im up gran i said while yawning. ok hun just making sure i dont want you to be late on your first day of school. she left my room i check the time and it was 7:10 well school dont start intill 8:30. i got up from my bed and then fix it. i went to the bathroom i got a towl took a shower. it felt so good i didnt want to get out of the shower but i had to or i would be late for school. i finally got out i dried my hair then put my bra and underwear on. i went to my closet i didnt know what to wear for the first day of school i was so nervous. i just grabbed a pair of torn skinny jeans and a drop shoulder sweater with my converse. then i did my make up which was only mascara and eyeliner. then i straighten my hair i looked my self in the mirror well i look okay for the first day of school. i checked the time and it was 7:50. well i still have time to eat breakfast i went down stairs to the kitchen there was a note on the table.
Hunny i went to work early there is pancakes in the fridge or you can get some thing to eat somewhere else theres money on the counter and keys to your new car well ill see you after school
grace xxx
 new car thats just great i got my keys and money i went outside and saw the black rangrover parked.
i checked the time again it was 8:10 well i just have 20 minutes to get something to eat i got in the car and drove then i just realised i dont even know were my school is at. i got my phone out and called my grandma. after the 4th ring she awnsered the phone hello gran i dont know where the school is at. she told me where it was at. okay thanks gran bye love ya. i hung up then put the school adress in my phone then it told me where to go. oh no i didnt even have time to get something to eat it was already 8:25 i should of just ate the pancakes.

i finally got to school i parked my car then got off. i was just standing beside my car thinking. new school so i have to make new friends i hope thats not hard for me. i went inside the school good thing when you walk in there is a office. i went up to the teacher working there. hello im new here. the teacher looked at me and your name is ? Natalie Harris. she gave me some papers this is your schedule and the list of things you need to all your classes. thanks i took the papers.

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