It Feels Wrong But Right.

My name is Natalie Harris im 17yrs old i live texas my parents are very rich they have there own company so i guess that makes me rich but i dont like to show off.
my parents are making me move with my grandma in chersire. i have to go to school over there and get a job good thing that my grandma owns a little restaurant there in chersire so i will work for her. anyways while im over there i meet harry styles yes from one direction he goes to the school i will be going to.
he is very popular every girl wants him. and his friends aswell. he is dating taylor swift. but when he sees me will everything change ???

first time writting. hope yall like it


1. cheshire.

Natalie POV.
Finally its time my plane is going to be here any minute. i turn around to see my parents with tears in there eyes. Mom Dad.. dont cry i will see yall soon i promise ill skype yall call text anything to talk to yall. You better call us and make sure no boy brakes your heart i will go after them "My dad said in a mean but sarcastically voice" . "Oh hunny ignore your father" i nodded and gave her a hug.
then i heard my flight was leaving i hugged both of my parents for the last time kiss them on there cheeks bye i will miss yall.

Finally i was on my plane i took my seat next to this old man that kept sneezing. oh no i just have a feeling this plane ride aint going to be peaceful for me. after 8 hours my plane was landing. yes yes thats all i was saying the old man kept starring at me. i got off the plane grabbed my suitcases then waited for my grandma to get me. There was a older lady standing there with a sign that said Natalie then i realised it was my grandma. Grace i yelled loud ( by the way thats my grandmas name) oh dear hunny look at you all grown up i bet you have the boys going crazy in texas she said while grabbing my suitecase. No gran ill carry my suitecases and well boys crazy about me no that will never happen i said with a smile. oh hunny any boy is lucky to have a beautiful girl like you she said. well if you say so gran. i grabbed my suitecases and then we left walking to are ride.

We are here My Gran Said with a big ol smile on her face. This is a lovely place gran. Thanks hunny now let me show you around and to your room. she showed me around then my room.
i unpacked all my stuff put my things were they go. i heard a knock come in i yelled but not loud. hunny you should get some sleep you will start school tomorrow you have to be up by 7:00 am. Okay Gran Goodnight i got up and gave her a goodnight kiss on the cheek. she left my room closed my door. okay tomorrow should be great right i mean i live in cheshire now. ill probly be the only american girl in my school but thats alright ill have a good time. i changed into my pj's then went to sleep.



(Tried my best its my first time writting hope yall like it. It will get better next Chapters)


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