17 year old Danielle Keller(Dani) goes on vacation and meets her dream band. She gets confused and needs to make many decisions along the way. This is a story about love,romance and major decisions.


2. Paris here I come

I hugged Kirsten and she left. As soon as the door closed I ran upstairs and packed my bag. I didn't know what all to pack do I basically took all my clothes and threw them into my suitcase. I tryed to zip it up but it wouldn't. I took everything out and repacked it. By the time I had figured out how to get my suitcase closed it was 3:30 in the morning. The plane left at 5am so I decided there was no sence going to bed. I layed on my bed and played on my phone till 4, when my phone vibrated. I checked and I had a text from Kirsten.*hey girl, you up yet?* the text read.*who said I went to sleep ;)* I said back. I realized it was now 4:15 and I had to get ready to go. I ran down stairs with my bag and noticed my mom sitting in the kitchen. "What are you doing up yet mom" I asked.

"Waiting for you" she responded

"What why" I said back

"I was hoping you'd let me drive you to the airport" she started "and also I have a gift for you, I was going to save it for your birthday next week, but you'll be in Paris then so here" She handed me a box and when I opened it there was a brand new iPhone 5.

"AHHHHH MOM I LOVE IT!!!!" I screamed.
I hugged my mom and we drove off to the airport. When we got there Kirsten was waiting outside. I said bye to my mom and she left. It was no 4:55 and we had to get to the plane. We got on the plane and flew to Paris.... It was the best flight of my life, all because I was with my bestfriend.
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