17 year old Danielle Keller(Dani) goes on vacation and meets her dream band. She gets confused and needs to make many decisions along the way. This is a story about love,romance and major decisions.


3. Meeting

We got to Paris and went straight to our hotel. It was getting late and we were both really tired from not sleeping last night. We got to the hotel and went into the elevator and rode up to our room. Kirsten went to bed as a soon as we got there but I decided to go for a walk around the hotel. I got in the elevator to ride down to the lobby. I was all alone in the elevator until we hit the 3rd floor. The elevator stopped and 5 boys got in. I didn't notice them get on or hear them because I had one directions new album blasting in my ears. I looked up and noticed who was in the elevator it was one direction! I smiled and realized what I looked like. My hair was in a messy french braid my mom had done for me yesterday morning and I had on roots black sweatpants with a pair of brown uggs and a red bench sweatshirt. I tryed to fix my hair but it didn't work. I took out my headphones and smiled at them. "Roots" I heard Niall say. "What are you talking about Niall?" asked Harry. "There" he pointed at my butt where roots was written. I blushed as all the boys looked at my butt. We got to the lobby and I started to walk away,the boys went the opposite direction. I was walking away when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and Liam was standing behind me.
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