17 year old Danielle Keller(Dani) goes on vacation and meets her dream band. She gets confused and needs to make many decisions along the way. This is a story about love,romance and major decisions.


4. Liam <3

I turned around and smiled at Liam. "Mind if I walk with you" he asked. "No its okay you can.....I mean if you want to"I said shyly. We walked outside and I started to shiver, after all I only had a sweater and sweatpants on. Liam smiled at me and gave me his jacket. "oh you don't have to do that for me" I whispered. "No, No I want to" he replied, " So what's your name love?" asked Liam. "Dani" I answered. "And don't worry I know who you are" I grinned. We walked around outside for a while until it got unbearably cold. We went back to the hotel and Liam asked me if I wanted to come to his room. "Are the other guys gonna be there" I asked. "No" he replied, "we have our own rooms." I smiled and got in the elevator with him. "Would you mind if we go to my room first." I asked. "yeah for sure" he replied. We went up to my room and when we got there Kirsten was sitting on her bed frowning at her phone. I went in and sat beside her on the beds. "hey Kirst what's wrong?" I asked. "My mom just texted me" she began, "and I have to go home tomorrow my Gramma's sick."she frowned. "but u can stay here if you want" "oh are you sure?" I asked. "yes definetly, I have to go to the airport now okay" she hugged me and them left. Liam was standing awkwardly at the door. "Sorry about that" I said. "it's fine" he replied. "Do you mind if we hang out here instead?" I asked. "yea sure, that's fine with me" he replied. I went to the bathroom and got change into pink short short pjs and a purple pj shirt with slipper and walked out. Liam and I sat on the couch and I put Finding Nemo on tv. I sat beside him and layed my head on his chest while he put his arm around me.
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