Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


7. Chapter 7

Something always happens when people play truth or dare... We all knew something would happen... The first dare was fine. I dared Harry to jump back in the pool after we were all dry. Once he dried off again we went into Nikki's basement. "I dare you to take two shots" Harry said to me. "No!" I screamed and they all laughed. "You can't say no! It's truth or dare" Nikki said. So I did it. "Ugh! I hate under aged drinking" I said and Harry laughed at me. "Why? It's not a big deal" and they convinced me into thinking its fine. "I dare Niall to lick Nikki's face" Harry said and I couldn't help but start laughing. Nikki looked at Niall like she was saying ok, go ahead and do it. He did... It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. Harry and I fell back on the ground laughing and Niall just sat there with his tongue on Nikki's face. "Done now?" I heard Nikki say and Niall backed away and Harry and I leaned up. "So Harry" Niall said with a devilish smile. "I dare you to... kiss Liv" he said and I looked at Harry and then back to Niall "But we're friends, wouldn't that be weird?" I asked and Niall just sat there. "Harry made me LICK Nikki's face and I hardly know her! So actually... Harry... You have to make out with Liv" Niall finished talking. I looked over at Harry. He was shocked and looked like he didn't want to. "What? Is kissing me a bad thing?" I joked but Harry cut me off and leaned in. He kissed me for about five seconds then leaned away. We both looked at Niall in approval. "No... That was just a kiss" he said and Nikki started laughing this time. "Yeah, you said for Harry to kiss me and he did" I said and Niall looked at me strange. "No... Harry has to make out with you. That mean tongue, he makes me lick a face, he has to lick your mouth AND you have to lick it back" Niall said and Nikki was now laughing so hard she was choking. "You have to do it, this is truth or dare, remember?!" Niall kept saying.
"Just do it" I said to Harry and he immediately leaned in kissing me, but this time it was what Niall wanted. Harry had his tongue in my mouth and then I put mine in his. I pulled away and opened my eyes. I looked over to Niall "Is that good enough?" I asked. "Well that was perfect! You two seemed to be into it" he said and with that, Niall and Nikki were hysterically laughing again. Harry looked at me embarrassed. I tried to give him a reassuring look but he frowned. "My turn..." I said and everyone looked at me. "Niall, I dare you to go up to Aaron's room and talk him into hooking up with you!" I said and Harry looked at me smiling. "Thanks" he whispered. "Oh I always get payback when people hurt my friends" I said back to him quietly. "You want me to what?!?" Niall's jaw dropped and we all started laughing. "You heard me".
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