Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


6. Chapter 6

The next day Nikki and I went shopping. She took me into all her favorite brand stores. I kept complaining about how much money she was spending but she ignored me. "Try this on!" she would say and I would go a do it. When I walked out she would clap and we laughed together. "I love shopping" she kept saying. "But you're not buying anything" I told her. "Does that matter? I get to buy you stuff!" she said and that made me really happy. Nobody has ever really bought me anything. I've only been shopping a couple times. Nikki came over with a huge pile of cloths and handed them to me. I looked at her like she was crazy and she walked way, then came back with another huge pile of cloths. "Fashion show!" she screamed and walked into one of the dressing rooms. I took the first pile of cloths and went into mine. We both came out at the same time and smiled. "You look amazing in that!" I kept telling her but she insisted on buying it for me. We walked out with so many bags it was hard to carry it all. "Thank you so much for all of this" I would say and she just told me to stop. "Want to go eat lunch?" she asked and I agreed. We went to Nandos and had a great time. She told me all about herself. She's 17, like me, she LOVES shopping, obviously, and hanging out with friends is her favorite thing to do. "That means we have I hang out a lot!" she kept saying and we both laughed. "Okay Okay" I joked and we finished our lunch. Right as we walked out Harry and Niall walked past us coming in. "Ugh, perfect timing" Nikki said glaring at Harry. "Hey" I said to him with a smile on my face but Nikki pulled me away before I could say anything else. He waved goodbye and Nikki kept pulling me away. "You have to forgive him eventually" I told her. "No... I can go my life and never forgive that bitch" she told me and I just laughed.
"What to do now..." she said and then I saw her devilish smile. She grabbed my arm and pulled me into another store. "More cloths?!?" I complained. "No... These are bikinis! It's different!" she said and I laughed at her. We walked out a half hour later with much more bags. "Okay, I think we bought enough stuff" I said and she disagreed. "Let's just put all this is my car and get more!" she said and I couldn't hold back my laugh.
After we walked back into the mall empty handed Nikki was definitely ready to do some more shopping. Although she didn't pull me into a store this time. She pulled me over to an ice cream stand. "We just had lunch" I lied and she laughed. "No... Let's get ice cream now!" we ordered our flavors and went to sit down by the fountain. "Thanks for everything, today" I said to her. "That's what best friends are for. None of my other friends like shopping but YOU do! I can't wait to introduce you to them." she said and I smiled. "Want to see something really funny" she asked as I saw Niall and Harry approaching us. "Sure" I said and she grinned. A big group of teen girls were also coming our way. Nikki handed me her ice cream and stood up. "Oh my God! Harry Styles and Niall Horan!!!" she screamed and all the girls started looking around. The boys just glared at Nikki and I giggled. Harry looked over at me and smiled a little. By the time all the girls saw where Harry and Niall were, Nikki and I were walking away. "Thanks a lot for that Nikki!" they screamed sarcastically. We went home and it was 3:00.
That night we all ate pizza and watched a movie. Nikki's parents were out to dinner and Aaron didn't expect them to come home any time soon. After Ellie was in bed we watched a scary movie down stairs. Every time we screamed, we all looked at each other and laughed. "It's not that scary" we all joked. When the movie was over we decided to go upstairs and have ice cream Sundays. "Yum!" they kept saying as they piled loads of sugary crap all over their vanilla ice cream. After we finished that, we felt like our 'party' wasn't over yet. Nikki and I decided to try on our new bikinis and go swimming in her pool. It was heated thankfully. We jumped in screaming and laughing. We looked up and saw Aaron sticking his head out a window. "I'm coming in!" he called out and Nikki just laughed. "Won't he get hurt if he does that?" I asked worried. "He does this all the time" she assured me and before we knew it, he was in the air coming towards the pool. He landed right in the middle with a big splash and we both laughed. We heard some noises in the bushes and looked at each other. "That wasn't me..." we all said as we got closer together now a little scared, since the horror movie had creeped us. "Party time!" we heard Niall and Harry scream as they came out and jumped into the pool. Nikki didn't even care to my surprise. "What are you guys doing here?" she asked happily. "Well you know us... We must crash every party on the street" Niall said and we laughed. Nikki actually... blushed at Niall. "I say we play volley ball" Nikki said and she pulled up two stakes in the ground on each side of the pool. She pulled out the net and jumped out to go get a beach ball. When she got back in Aaron was walking inside. "I'm tired, you all have fun" he said and so we did. We had lots of fun. Harry and I were on a team and beat Niall and Nikki by five points. We high-fived and gave each other a hug.
Once we all got out and wrapped ourselves in towels Nikki looked at the boys confused. "I actually had a good time with you boys tonight" she said and they smiled. "Well the night I still young!" Harry said with a smirk on his face. "Actually not really..." I said and laughed. Nikki agreed saying "it's mid night" but the boys didn't care. They weren't going anywhere any time soon. "Let's play truth or dare!" Harry suggested and we all agreed.
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