Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


5. Chapter 5

My jaw dropped. "What do you mean, he broke your heart?" I asked, now worried. "We had been together for a couple months and everything was going fine...." she started sniffling, "and out of no where, he dumped me and went on tour!" she started crying even harder. I pat her back lightly trying to comfort her. "You need to stay away from him, he will break your heart too" she said to my surprise. "But Harry and I, we're just friends" I told her and she just disagreed. "No, that's how it always starts. You two will become best friends then it will become more then that. Before you know it, he'll sweep you off your feet and when the next tour comes up, he drops you. Like you meant nothing to him. He won't text or call you ever again. He'll just leave for tour and won't talk to you ever again!" she started crying harder. "It's ok.. He doesn't deserve you anyway" I said and she looked up smiling at me. "Thanks" she said and wiped up her tears. After that we all went up for bed and I had some time to think.
Harry was the sweetest guy I've ever met. Why would he do that to Nikki. I don't know if I even believe her but if she is lying, why would she of told me all that bs. Did she want him back? I looked around the room. There were two dressers and a very large mirror on the wall. I sat on the queen sized bed and looked down. I was really tired and had to get some sleep but I couldn't stop thinking about what Nikki had said. I walked over to the window and looked around at all the neibors houses. The largest one was were Harry lived. I frowned. Harry and I were just friends. There's no way he would do that to me. But there's only one problem. I wanted to be more then friends. He's everything that a girl could want in a guy. He's sweet, funny, charming, and will listen to the things you have to say. I got out my phone and saw a text from Harry... •Hey, what did Nikki tell you I did?• •She said something about you breaking her heart and going on tour• I replied back to him. It didn't take long until I got his next text. •Don't believe that. I broke up with her because she changed. Going on tour wouldn't keep me away from someone I was really in to• I don't know if that made me feel any better about Harry, but if he and I, supposedly went out and he fell for me, going on tour wouldn't tear us apart. That must be a good thing but, what if we just stay friends? He already has plenty of friends. Or what if we did go out and he never.... I don't know... what if he left me like he did with Nikki?
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