Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


30. Chapter 30

Ok so just warning you that this chapter is a little strange and awkward so just skip to the second part if you want • As soon as we walked in and the door shut, I dropped my purse and Harry pushed me up against the wall, kissing me aggressively. I grabbed his cloths, using them to pull his body closer. He leaned back a little and I tried to kiss him again but he cut me off. "Let's go to the bedroom" he said grinning. I followed him into the bedroom and he pushed me down onto the bed. Laying on top of me, Harry was kissing me and stroking his fingers through my hair, as I wrapped my lips around his. He lifted one arm up and started to unbutton his shirt. I helped him pull it off, as he unzipped the back of my dress. I was wearing a short, black, strapless dress and heels to match. I kicked my heels off, as Harry started to pull my dress down. He brushed his soft lips against mine as I pushed him over, so that I was laying on top. I gripped the belt on his pants, undoing it quickly. I heard Harry pull down the zipper and I giggled a bit, then he kept going, pulling his pants down all the way. I threw them across the room and grinned at him. "Won't need those" I said, leaning in and kissing his neck softly. He wrapped his arms around me and kept pulling me closer. I leaned up and looked at him. "I'm already laying on top of you" I said laughing. "Then I guess there's only one more thing we can do" he said with a smirk on his face. • Okay I don't like writing this kind of crap... Let's just say they had sex... Story over
"We should probably go now" Harry said leaning up. "Yeah, now I have to get dressed AGAIN and do my makeup AGAIN" I joked and got up. He smiled at me and I leaned in to kiss him again. "That was fun" he said grinning. "Trust me, I could tell you were having a good time" I said then walked over to the closet. I got out a tan dress and pulled it up. This one was also strapless. Walking into the bathroom I looked at my hair and makeup. NOT a pretty sight. My hair was sticking in all sorts of different directions and my mascara had smeared. I washed my face and straightened my hair, then put the makeup back on. "Ready?" I asked walking back into our room. Harry was still lying on the bed, naked. "You have to get dressed eventually" I joked and he got up walking over to the closet. After he dressed, he fixed his hair and grabbed the car keys. "Okay, now I'm ready" he said and we walked out to the car. We drove for a half an hour before I looked over. He looked tired and loopy. "You ok?" I asked and he shook his head yes. "How much longer?" "Uh, I didn't tell you. Its a five hour drive" he said and my jaw dropped. "Five hours! What could possibly be that far away?" I asked and he smirked at me. "You'll see" he said and looked back at the road. Once we got there, it was almost dark. He got out his phone and texted someone. "Ready?" he said getting out of the car then coming around to open my door for me. "Yes! I'm so excited" I said jumping out with a smile on my face. He held my hand and led me over to a big building, with no windows. As we opened the door I walked in and the lights flickered on. "Surprise!" everyone screamed and ran over to me giving me a hug. Perrie, Dani, El, Nikki, and all the boys were here. Then I saw a lot of our other friends laughing and having a good time. "Happy birthday" Harry said from behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. I turned my head looking over at him. "Thank you so much for this" I said and leaned in kissing him again. I have the most caring, nicest boyfriend in the world.
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