Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


3. Chapter 3

The plane ride with Harry was been great so far! He's such a nice guy and always makes me happy. I feel like I can talk to him about anything. I can open up to him and he will listen to me. He will give me advice and make me smile. He also told me a lot about him, and being in One Direction. The star life sounds hard, having fans and paparazzi always surrounding you. He can hardly do anything in public without people thinking about it, or taking it the wrong way. We still had three hours left on the flight and both were getting tired. I ended up falling asleep on Harry's shoulder. He fell asleep too. Being with Harry took my mind off everything. I just wanted to stay with him so he could make me happy. But no... I had to live with some strangers family for five months. Then I will be eighteen and can do what I want. I woke up an hour after falling asleep. Leaning up off of Harry's shoulder I noticed his eyes were still shut. He was so cute when he was asleep. I looked out the window and it was still pretty sunny, though it's late in the day. I took out my phone and stared at it. Under the phone image at the bottom corner I checked how long ago my last call was. Three weeks ago... It was when Jess called me saying I couldn't live with my parents anymore. A tear rolled down my cheek as the screen went black. I put my phone away and looked around. Everyone in first class was middle aged and on their laptops typing. I turned around and saw four teenage boys. They all looked at me and grinned. "Can I help you" I asked sounding annoyed. "No, your sitting with our friend and yeah... It's kinda funny" the one with blond hair said. I laughed a little and introduced myself. "I'm Liv" I said and they all said hi. "I'm Niall" the blond one said and continued, "this is Liam" he said pointing to the boy sitting next to him, then turned around saying "that's Louis and Zayn" and they all said hello. I smiled at them and turned back around. I looked over at Harry as he woke up. Harry POV • I woke up on the plane and looked around. Liv was already awake and I smiled at the sight of her face. "How'd you sleep?" she asked laughing. "Good" I said and she smiled back at me. "I think there's only an hour left until we land" she continued. I honestly didn't want to land though. Once we got off this plane I had to say goodbye. I don't want to say goodbye to Liv though. She was awesome. I liked listening to her stories and making her laugh. When she smiled at me I would feel something more. I felt like she was reaching in a steeling my heart. She was beautiful, funny, and very nice. Her wavy blond hair reached just below her shoulders. I looked into her eyes, her beautiful blue eyes, and smiled. It's like she was memorizing me and I couldn't help but fall for her. The last hour of this flight must mean something to her. I must make her like me, and we won't have to say goodbye for good. I wanted to see her every day and hang out with her. She looked at me funny. "What?" she asked laughing. "Nothing" I said and looked away smiling. I heard all the boys laugh from behind us. She turned around and glared at them. "Uh.. Have you guys uh.. Met?" I asked shocked. All the boys started laughing along with Liv. Wow this is awkotaco. "Yes we've met your girly friend, Harry" Niall said laughing even harder. "Oh she's more then a girly friend, Niall" Liam joked and they all laughed again... accept for Liv. We looked at each other embarrassed. "Uh... We just met?" I said to the boys and they kept laughing. "Yeah, and you already like her" I heard Lou say from behind us and I looked at Liv. She looked at me like she was worried, or embarrassed. "No Lou, I like her as a friend" I said never taking my eyes off her. She smiled at me. "And I like you as a friend, too!" she said grinning at me. No... I did not say that... The friend stage is the worst! Once she's my friend I'll never get her to like me. Now there's no hope. I could hear the boys whispering about us. Liv and I looked at each other a rolled our eyes and laughed at them. Liv POV • The boys kept talking about Harry and I, behind our backs. "You all know we can here you, right?" I asked and they went silent. Harry looked at me and laughed. "Ten minutes until we land" one of the flight attendants said. That means ten minutes left with Harry, ten minutes left of being happy, ten minutes left until my life goes downhill again. I looked over at Harry and noticed he was also upset. "We will see each other again after this, right?" he asked me concerned. "Definitely" I said and smiled at him. Harry leaned over an took my phone off my lap. "Hey! What are you doing?" I asked. It didn't annoy me that he took it, I just wanted to know. "Adding my number" he said with a smirk on his face. "Text me tonight when you find out who you're staying with" he said handing my phone back to me. "okay, I will" I said grinning at him. The plane landed and we got off together. "Don't forget to text me" he said grinning before walking away. I just smiled at him. He got in a car and they drove away, so now I should find my ride. I started walking around and saw someone with a sign saying 'Liv Anderson'. I walked up and asked for his name. "I'm Aaron Bennett, are I'm guessing your Liv?" he asked. I smiled and said yes. He looked my age and he was very tall. I followed him to a car and he opened the door for me and I got in. He put my luggage in the back and got in the drivers seat. "You'll be staying with my family for the week" he said and I smiled at him. "I'm 18 by the way" he added. "I'm 17" I said and he grinned at me. He started the car and before I knew it, we were on the highway, headed to his house.



Authirs note//

Hey guys... Sorry it's been a while I've been pretty busy but I'm back now.... Yay. So hope you enjoy this chapter and the next is soon to come xx

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