Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


29. Chapter 29

When I was in rehab, the police eventually caught the stalker girl and she was put into a mental hospital. ••••• 1 month later • "Happy birthday!" I heard Harry scream into my ear waking me up. I'm an adult now. I'm 18. Wow... It feels like just yesterday when... when my parents where abusing me in NYC. But that was the past and the future lies ahead of me. "Thanks" I said and he leaned in kissing me on the cheek. "Get up! I made you breakfast!" he said in my face then kissed me again. Harry and I had moved out of the other house and into our own flat. We decided that we needed some space, and had to get away from everyone. We moved to a nice place about 10 minutes outside out London. It was on a lake and there were fields everywhere. Nobody ever visited us because we didn't want them too. Being alone with Harry in out own place was great. We didn't have to worry about everyone else walking in on us, like they used to do all the time. We've been living here for three weeks now and nobody could bother us. The paparazzi doesn't know anything about it, and neither do the fans. We can be left alone and no one can know. "breakfast for the princess!" he said pulling me out of bed laughing and taking me into the kitchen. There was an omelet on a plate with a glass of orange juice sitting next to it. After I ate, I took a shower and got dressed. "Why did you get dressed?" I heard Harry ask as he walked into the bathroom from behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist. I was putting on my makeup and only looking in the mirror. "Why wouldn't I?" I asked laughing. He put his head down on my shoulder looking at my reflection in the mirror. "Why do you wear makeup? You're beautiful without it" he said and I grinned at him. "Thanks but I already started so I'm going to finish anyway" I said laughing and he went into our room to get dressed.
When I walked out of the bathroom Harry was waiting for me. "Ready to go?" he asked and walked to the door. "You never even told me where we're going" I said to him with a smirk on my face. "It's a surprise" he said and we walked out. "First we're going on a walk though" he said holding my hand and leading me over to one of the fields. "So where are we going after this?" I asked curious. "It's a surprise" he said smiling. We walked for awhile and then stopped. "So I bought you two presents and I really want to give you one right now" he said and I smiled. "You didn't have to get me anything" I said and he got out a small box anyway. It was wrapped in light green paper with white ribbons. "Here's your first present" he said and handed me the box. I opened it up and saw the little logo of my favorite jewelry place on a small box. I opened it up to find a pair of the most beautiful diamond earrings I've ever seen. They matched the necklace my grandparents gave me, too. "Oh.." I was at a loss of words. I just stared at the earrings in amazement. They were beautiful. I looked up into Harry's eyes and smiled. "Thank you so much" I said and leaned in kissing him. I wrapped my arms around him pulling his body close to mine. He pulled back and looked into my eyes. "I love you" he said and leaned in kissing me once again. This time, he stuck his tongue in my mouth though. I let him kiss me for awhile until we heard people talking from behind us. We slowly pulled back from the kiss and looked over to find some people walking by. "No fans, nothing to worry about" he said and started kissing me again. "Do you want to go back to the flat for a bit?" I said grinning as I pulled away from the kiss. He looked at me smiling and agreed.
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