Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


26. Chapter 26

Harry POV • They sent me home and Liv went to rehab. I can't take this. They can't keep me away from her. When I got home I ran up to my room and laid in my bed thinking about her. Four months... That's way too long... ••••• 3 months later • I have a concert tonight and I don't want to go... I didn't want to go to any concerts... I wanted Liv back. Only one more month... ••••• 3 weeks later • We had another concert and everything was going fine. Until we read the tweets... 'Hows Liv doing?' one of them read and I think the whole crowd went silent. I ran off stage and went to my dressing room crying. Someone opened the door and called for me, "Harry get back on stage!" I shook my head no and they left. I just wanted to be with Liv... ••••• 1 week later • Today Liv comes out of rehab... I'm so ready to see her. I couldn't wait for her to come out those doors and run into my arms. I woke up early and took a quick shower. After I got dressed I ran down stairs and out the door to my Audi. Rehab was a half an hour away. When I got there I went up to the front desk asking for Liv Anderson. She pointed towards a door and as it opened slowly. Liv stood there, in a beautiful white dress and wearing the necklace she was given four months ago. She grinned and we ran towards each other. We embraced each other and crashed our lips together. I grabbed her waist pulling it close to mine and she stroked my hair. We leaned back after awhile and I looked into her eyes. Her beautiful blue eyes and she smiled. I smiled back saying, "I've missed you so much" and she hugged me. "I have to tell you something" she said seriously and I looked at her worried. She smiled and started talking once again. "I'm pregnant!"
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