Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


24. Chapter 24

Liv POV • "I'll always love you" I said to Harry one last time and shut my eyes. I was sore. In pain. My head hurt. My back hurt. I was dizzy. Opening my eyes burned. Talking hurt my throat. I couldn't take the pain and gave up fighting. I saw a bright light an my whole life flashed before my eyes. When I saw Harry and all the things we did together I felt like screaming. I needed him back. All I thought about was Harry. Harry. I love you. Harry. Come back. Harry. I opened my eyes and head beeping from the machine next to me. "I can't leave you" I said quietly as Harry was about to walk out the door. He turned around at the sound of my voice and ran over to me. "I love you" I said into his ear as he leaned down hugging me. "Please stay awake. Never leave me" he said and I could tell he was crying. "I'll always be with you"
Harry POV • After Liv woke up I stayed with her that whole night, sitting by her side. I held her hand and never let it go. I could tell she was fighting back tears the whole time, though. "Are you still in pain?" I asked her worried. She nodded her head yes and shut her eyes. She could go to sleep but definitely wasn't. The door opened slowly and someone walked in with balloons, flowers, presents, and so much more. They put it down in the corner and walked out. I got up slowly and started reading some of the notes. 'Get better Liv' 'Praying for Liv' 'We love you Liv' they all said. Who were they from? My fans. All the fans were worried about Liv too and wanted her to get better. I smiled to myself thinking, we have an amazing fandom. I walked back over to my chair by Liv's bed and sat down holding her hand again. I stayed up all night by her side, but eventually fell asleep at around 3:00. Someone walked into the room and I woke up, looking over. It was an older looking man and women. I looked at them confused. "Are you Liv's boyfriend?" the man asked. I nodded my head yes and they came over to me. "Are you two are?" I asked as they looked at Liv and a frown spread across each of their faces. "We're her grandparents from NYC" the man said and I stood up to shake their hands trying to be very polite. "She never told me about having grandparents" I said looking over at her in shock. "We haven't seen her since she was a baby. Her parents wouldn't let us see her at all" they said and I looked over to Liv. She hasn't seen them in so long and they cared enough to come all the way from NYC to be here with her. They must really care for her.
Liv twitched her eyes open and looked over at me trying to smile but nothing came out. She looked up at her grandparents then back at me with a confused look on her face. "Liv, we're your grandparents" her grandmother said and she opened her eyes wide. "I don't have grandparents though. My mom told me they... died" he said slowly. "They didn't want you to know about us. When you were a baby they told us not to see you again" the grandfather continued. "We came here to give you something. We pass it down in our family but it skipped your mother. Now I want I give it to you" her grandmother said. She pulled out a box and handed it to Liv and he opened it slowly. Her eyes opened wide as she pulled out a diamond necklace and held it in her hand. A tear ran down her cheek and she looked up saying, "It beautiful, thank you" and they smiled at her. "Our plane leaves soon. I'm glad we saw you" her grandfather said as they walked out. I looked over at Liv and she just layer there holding the necklace in her hand. "It's almost as beautiful as you" I said and she looked at me. This time he actually did smile though. I could see she was hiding the pain, though. "What's all that stuff in the corner?" she asked and I looked over. "My fans sent all that for you, they hope you get better" I said smiling at her. The doctor walked in and asked me to go wait in the waiting room. I got up and kissed Liv's cheek, then walked out. I heard him start talking to Liv as I closed the door, though. "I have some bad news" was all he said.
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