Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


23. Chapter 23

I screamed and started shaking. "How did you get in here? What do you want?!?" I screamed and El ran to the door screaming for the boys to come in quickly. "I got in here because I always get what I want" she said glaring at me. "What do you want then! I'll give you anything, just leave us alone!" I screamed and she grinned like a devil. She laughed like a witch and pointed at Harry as he started walking up. "Give me Harry. He's going to be my boyfriend. Not yours" she said and I looked back at Harry. "But.. But... You're only like ten years old!" I screamed at her as I backed up. "If you refuse to give me what I want, you'll pay..." she said slowly reaching into her back pocket. "El, where's Harry!?!" I screamed but she was outside getting them. The little girl started laughing again. "This is what you get" she said and walked closer to me as I backed up slowly. Looking back I saw the window was open and I looked down. We were about fifteen feet above the deck, so I started to turn and walk a different way. She ran up to me quickly a shoved me out the window. I didn't have time to scream before I hit the ground with a crash and blacked out.
Harry POV • We sat in the hospital waiting for Liv to get out of surgery. She was pushed out the window right when El told us about the girl being in the house again. Why would she do all this to us? The police were looking for her while we waited. One of the doctors came out of a room and walked over to me. I stood up quickly. "She made it through surgery but only has a 20% chance of surviving throughout the night." he said and I fell down on my knees. The tears rolled down my cheeks like a waterfall. "Would you like so go and see her?" he asked and I stood up quickly trying to wipe the tears away. He led me into a small white room. She was laying on a hospital bed with bandages everywhere. "She has a severe concussion, a broken spine, major brain damage, and a broken leg" he told me as I walked over to her body slowly. She laid there, still, quiet, and pale. Once again, tears rolled down my cheeks and I put my hand on hers. She twitched a little as I intwined my fingers between hers. I squeezed he hand hoping she would wake up. Her eyes twitched open and I started crying even more for some reason. "Liv... I'm so sorry this all happened" I said and tears ran down her cheeks. She opened her mouth but didn't say anything. "It hurts" she said slowly and more tears started pouring out of her eyes. "What hurts?" I asked worried. "Everything" she said and closed her eyes trying to stop crying. "Open your eyes. I want to look into your beautiful blue eyes" I said and she squinted her eyes a little. "But that hurts" she said slowly and closed them again. "Please... Don't fall asleep..." I said slowly and kept going. "Make it through the night... Stay with me" I said and cried more as I kneeled down and put my head down on the edge of her bed. I kissed her hand and she opened her eyes a little. "I'll always love you" she said and closed them again. I heard a beep and looked up at the monitor. She flatlined and the doctor walked over to me putting his hand on my shoulder. "Please..." I said slowly and stood up. "It would be dangerous to resuscitate her with the broken spine" he said and I fell to my knees in tears. I had lost the love of my life.
THE END Alternate ending will be posted later.
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