Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


22. Chapter 22

"So do you believe me about that girl now?" I asked El and she stared at me. Is that supposed to be a good thing or does she still think I'm crazy? "I- uh..." she started but stopped and looked at me again. "I believe you" she said and I leaned in to hug her. "Thank you so much El" I said and she just looked down. "But why is she doing this?" she asked and I looked at her worried. "I really don't know but I think she's stalking Harry and I. At least she won't be on vacation with us" I finished as the boys walked in. "Who's making breakfast?" Harry said and Lou came in behind him calling out "Not it!". Eleanor and I looked at each other. "Guess we are" she said and I laughed. We got up and walked over to the fridge. "I say we make pancakes!" I called out and everyone agreed happily.
After breakfast we all went to sit in the living room. Eleanor and I were texting each other from across the couch. Why? We were giving the boys silent treatments and didn't want them to know what we were talking about. They sat on the ground looking at us cluelessly. •They can be so stupid sometimes• I typed and hit send. I looked up and to see El laughing at the text. •So true. Just look at them sitting there• she sent back and we both looked at them and laughed even more. "What are you guys texting about?!?" Louis demanded. •Should we talk to them now?• I asked. El got the text and looked up at me like I was crazy. •No way sista!• she said and I looked at Harry. •Haz looks miserable sitting there not talking to anyone lol• I sent to her and she laughed. •True! Lou looks like he's from a mental hospital sometimes• she said and I couldn't help but start cracking up. We both sat there laughing for a couple minutes before looking back at the boys. They hadn't moved an inch. •It's like they're statues• she texted. •Well lets find out• I said and got up. I slowly walked over to Harry and poked his cheek. He didn't move. "Harry?" I asked and he jumped up. "Yes! You talked to me!" he screamed and I started laughing. "You tricked me" I said and he just pulled me in for a hug. "No I didn't" he said sounding guilty. "What's up with Louis?" I asked and Harry looked over to him. "I have no idea" he laughed.
Louis eventually moved and went to sit next to Eleanor on the couch. She sat close to him resting her head on his shoulder. On the other side of the couch I was sitting with Harry. I had my arms wrapped around him and was laying my head down on his chest. He STILL didn't have a shirt on but I didn't care. We were watching a movie because it was storming out. There was thunder and lightening everywhere, every second. "Do you think we'll loose power?" I asked Harry and he shook his head no. As soon as he did that the lights flickered off. "Or maybe we will?" he said and I laughed at him. "Nice, you jinxed us" I said and he rolled his eyes. "No!!! The movie!" Louis screamed out like a little kid. "It's just a movie. We can watch it once the power comes back on" Eleanor reassured him. "Where's everyone else?" Harry said realizing they had missed breakfast and it's already noon. "Niall is at Nikki's house I think" I said to him. "Zayn and Perrie were going out for the day" Louis said. "They left when we were eating breakfast" he continued. "Liam and Maeve are at the mall" El finished. "Okay so what do we do now?" Harry asked looking around. There were lots of windows so it wasn't exactly dark but it wasn't exactly bright. The rain started pouring even harder as I sat up. There's nothing to do... Nothing at all... "We could go outside and play in the rain" Louis suggested. "You do know that you act like a kid sometimes, right?" El asked him and he agreed. "I never want to grow up" he said and jumped up throwing El off his shoulder. "What are you doing?" she asked shocked. He walked over to the back door, that leads out to the porch. Pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it on the ground, he opened the door and walked out.
"You're crazy, you know?!?" Eleanor called out as she walked over to the window to look at him dance around in the rain. "It's fun! Come out!" he said and Eleanor looked back giving us a questioning look. "it's going to mess up your hair and you can't dry it" I warned her and she syed. "You're right..." she said and started to walk back over. "Well I'm going out" Harry said and I leaned up looking at him in shock. I sat on his lap pushing him back down. "No, you're staying right here with me!" I said leaning in, putting my face close to his. He got up anyway. "Then you're coming with me" he said picking me up and carrying me in his arms. "No! I don't want to mess up my hair!" I screamed but he just laughed walking closer to the door. He opened it up and walked outside with me still in his arms. I screamed a little but he didn't do anything. "Great! Now I'm soaked!" I said looking up at the sky. Dark grey clouds everywhere and it was raining cats and dogs. He set me down, but held my hand do I couldn't go inside. Louis was still dancing around in the rain like an idiot so Harry pulled me close to him. "I hear kisses in the rain are romantic" he said grinning and I smiled at him. "Let's find out" I said before he leaned in kissing me. I could feel his wet cheeks push up against mine. I could feel his warm nose push up against mine. I could feel the soaking wet hair on his forehead push up against mine. I could feel his rock hard abs push up against my stomach. I swear he has the best abs an eighteen year old can possibly have. He put his arm around me and pulled me close so I couldn't move, not that I wanted to move anytime soon. I just wanted to stand there and kiss Harry in the rain forever. I put my arms over his shoulders and pulled him close to me.
After awhile I leaned back and looked into his eyes. "That was definitely romantic" he said leaning in again, but not kissing me. He leaned his forehead against mine and I looked into his eyes. He smiled and I giggled a bit. "Why do girls giggle? Like what's the reason behind it?" he asked sounding interested. I bit my lip an looked at him. "Well I giggle when I'm happy, or with someone I love" I said and he leaned in kissing me again but I pulled back. "Now that you've made my hair all wet by taking me out here, I'm going inside" I said walking to the door. I turned around to look at him standing there and stopped. "Has anyone ever told you, you're really hot when your standing in the rain, shirtless, wearing a beanie?" I said with a smirk on my face then walked inside. "Nice make-out session you two had there" Eleanor joked as I walked in soaked. "Yeah yeah, I'm wet now but it was worth it" I said and she laughed then her jaw dropped. "what?" I said turning around to see the boys standing my the pool. We walked over to the window and watched them. "They're the craziest boys I've ever met" we both agreed as they stripped down to just their boxers and jumped in. They gestured us to come in but we just laughed shaking our head no. "Having fun, girls?" I heard a little girls voice from behind us and we turned around. I screamed. It was her...
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