Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


2. Chapter 2

Harry put his hand over my mouth. "Don't... Say... My name..." he said slowly and moved his hand away. "Sorry" I whispered. Looking around I saw some teenage girls walk by. They were mumbling about hearing something.... Something like "Harry Styles". Harry put his ray-bans back on and looked down so they wouldn't see him. As soon as they walked away I whispered to Harry, "They're gone" and he looked up once again taking off his shades. "So if you don't like music or One Direction, how do you know I'm Harry Styles?" he asked. I looked down and thought. My "friends" we're obsessed with him and always talked about their music. "Uh.. My old friends... They're kinda huge fans" I said looking up into his green eyes. "What do you mean 'old friends'?" he asked. I looked down again. "I thought they were my friends" I said and he waited for me to continue. "when I told them I was moving to England, they didn't even care or say goodbye" I finished. Looking up I saw he was staring at me, almost like he wanted me to keep going on with the story. "Why are you moving to England then?" he asked and I looked down AGAIN. "I was taken away from my parents. They are alcoholics and...." I stopped talking. "You can tell me, I can keep secrets" he said begging to know more. "they abused me..." I said looking down at my arms. Bruises and scars everywhere. I was sore whenever I moved. Harry put his hand down on my arm and I looked up at him. "Well its over now, don't worry about it" he said trying to comfort me, but it didn't work. "I'm going to England all alone... I'm 17 and they still want me to live with someone else's family" I finished. I didn't want to say anymore. Leaving NY was hard. I'm going to miss Jess, the only person... a tear ran down my cheek. Jess, she was the nicest, sweetest, most caring person.... and I had to leave her. "Are you ok?"
Harry asked but I didn't look up. I said nothing at all and just wiped the tears out of my eyes. "Do you at least know who you're living with?" he asked and I just frowned. "No... Someone is supposed to pick me up at he airport when I get there. I'll stay with that person for a week then go to the family I'm living with. It's really confusing..." I stopped talking but Harry kept going asking me questions.
He got me to open up and say what's on my mind. I like when people do that, because that let me know that they cared, and I wasn't alone... accept I was alone. I had nobody. New York didn't want me, my friends didn't want me, my parents didn't want me, and Jess. Why would she send me away if she wanted me. That's all I came to in conclusion. Jess didn't even want me. England is supposedly the place where I can find people who care, people who are nice, people that I can have a good life with. I've never even been there before. As the plane started boarding, Harry walked off with first class and looked back at me. He waved goodbye before going through the long tunnel leading to the plane. When he walked away, my heart dropped. He had made me feel good, happy, and now I won't see him again. I waited for awhile before they called the last class and I walked through the tunnel. Harry... I could only think about him, how nice he was, how caring. As I got on the plane, the pilot greeted me and I started walking down the the plane. As I was about to walk out of first class, someone reached out and grabbed my arm. I looked over to see Harry sitting alone. "Want to sit with me for the ride?" he asked smiling. "I don't have first class tickets" I insisted but he didn't care. Pulling me in to sit next to him he said, "don't worry about it. I can pay for getting your seat upgraded". I smiled at him and sat down looking out the window. Goodbye New York... Hello, eight hour flight to England, sitting next to Harry Styles.
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