Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


19. Chapter 19

"What girl on the street? We were the only ones there, accept for whoever took that picture". "She took it" I said looking down. I'm sure he thought I was crazy. "Liv, I don't think you saw anyone. Just try to forget about it" he said putting his hand on mine from across the little table. I just looked down, embarrassed. I knew I saw someone... It's not like I was delusional, or hallucinating. I not sick. Nothings wrong so I knew I saw that girl. I looked past Harry's shoulder and she stood there with a camera. I started shaking and Harry held my hand tight. "Are you ok?" he asked and I pointed at the girl. She was grinning at me like a devil. Before Harry could turn around, she snapped a picture and ran off. "Harry take me home" I said to him and he looked at me shocked. "What? Who were you pointing to? Why do you want to go home now?" "Harry, the girl in the window, she was just there and took another picture" I said and he looked back again. "She ran off. Can we just go home?" I continued. "Yeah, I guess" Harry said as he stood up. I got up and he took my hand. We walked out and looked around. "I don't see anyone..." he said and I just looked down. "Let's go" I said and we started walking again. When we got to Harry's car, I got in quickly trying to avoid seeing the girl again. Harry got in and started the car. When we pulled out on to the street I looked back. The girl was standing in our parking spot and started to wave. "Please go faster" I said and he pulled the car over. "That's not what I meant". "I know but you need to tell me what's going on" he said looking into my eyes. "She was standing in our parking spot... When I looked back I saw her... Then she waved" I said slowly and looked down. He looked back and no one was there. "You need to get some rest" he said and started driving again.
When we got back to the house, we walked in to find everyone surrounding the TV. "Whats going on?" Harry asked. We walked over to listen to the news with them. 'Murder at Nandos in downtown. Girl was eating lunch and was murdered about a half an hour after meeting two celebrities. Harry Styles and his girlfriend, Liv Anderson.' everyone looked at us and we were shocked. I stood there frozen staring at the screen. They showed a little girl talking to the camera person. It was her. 'I was in Nandos then this horrible person killed my friend. We had just met Harry and Liv' she said and started fake crying. "That... Little... Bitch...." was all that came out my mouth. Harry looked at me shocked at what I said. "That's the girl I was telling you about! She's the one on the street, she took the picture of us kissing, she stood outside the window, she took another picture of us, she's the one who stood in our parking spot and waved to us." I said and started crying. Harry wrapped his arms around me. "It's ok Liv, I believe you" he said to me and I looked up at him. "You do?" I asked still crying. "Of course" he said and I buried my head in his chest crying.
We explained everything that had happened when we were out. "I think she's stalking us" I said once we finished the story. "I never saw her but I believe Liv. That girl said she met us, but never did" Harry said and then continued, "I'm going to call the police. Be right back" he said and walked away. I looked around and they were all still staring at me in complete shock. "Do you believe me?" I asked and they exchanged looks. "I'm sorry Liv..." Eleanor said and looked down. Louis, Zayn, and Maeve agreed with her. "Well I believe you" Liam said, then Perrie agreed too. Niall and Nikki were apparently at her house. "When are they coming back-" I started but didn't finish. Looking down the hall out the window, she was there. Standing with her camera and did that devilish smile again. She waved and I started shaking. "Eh-- Uh-- she--" I pointed then fell back. ••••• Harry POV • I walked back into the room after calling the police and they said they wanted to come talk to us. I walked in to find Liv on the ground and everyone standing around her. "What happened?" I demanded running over to her side. "She started shaking" Liam started and Perrie went on. "Then pointed at the window and made weird sounds" she said and Liam went on again, "before we could turn over to look out the window she passed out, so we ran over to her" Liam finished. "She was in the window..." I said to them and looked down at Liv. She lied there unconscious on the ground. I picked her up and carried her up to her room. Laying her down in bed I sat down to think. I'm definitely not leaving this room. I'm not leaving Liv. I believe her but all this is too much. Did the girl really show up at our house?
"Harry?" I heard her say and looked over to find that she was sitting up and yawning. I went over and sat on the side of her bed. "Are you ok?" I asked and she shook her head no. "That girl... she showed up... here... I saw her standing outside the window and... everything went back. What happened?" she said and I looked into her eyes. Putting my hand down on her leg I started talking, "you passed out when you saw her. The police are on their way, though" I said trying to calm her down. She looked into my eyes and tried to smile, but noting happened. I leaned in to kiss her and that made her smile right away. I grinned a little before placing my lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around me and I pulled her on to my lap. There was a knock on the door and someone talked. "Hello? This is Officer Peersen. May I come in?" they asked and Liv removed her lips from mine, then got off my lap and sat next to me. "Yes, you can come in" I called out and the door opened. The officer walked in and behind her came a girl, THE girl...
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