Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


18. Chapter 18

Nikki and Niall made eggs and bacon for breakfast. They ended up tasting really good too. Louis and Zayn were going out on a double date today. Zayn and Perrie hadn't seen each other for awhile, and neither had Louis and Eleanor. ••••• 1 Week later •"I want to go on vacation" Niall said as we all sat in the living room watching TV. "What?" we all asked him surprised. "Like, I think we should all go to a beach and party it up!" he said and we all started laughing. "But your tour starts in two weeks" Nikki said looking at him upset. "We could go now" he suggested and we all exchanged some looks. Eleanor and Louis were sitting on the ground together playing a board game with Liam and Maeve, Zayn and Perrie were on the couch with Nikki and Niall, and I was on Harry's lap sitting on one of the chairs. "I think that would be fun" Harry said. "Yeah, same here" Zayn agreed. "You all are serious? Don't you have to get ready for your first show?" Eleanor said. "Na, we've got it down" Liam said smiling at Maeve. She leaned in and kissed him softly. We all groaned. "Get a room for that!" we all called out laughing. "As a matter of fact, we will" Liam said and they walked upstairs. "What about the rest of our board game?" Louis called out but they didn't come back. "Oh well" Eleanor said and rested her head on Louis' shoulder. "So vacation?" Niall brought it up again. "I'm in" all the guys said then looked at us, girls. "Sure" I said smiling and Perrie, Eleanor, and Nikki agreed. "Since it was Niall's idea, he plans the trip" Zayn said and we all agreed. Niall looked at us like we were crazy. "I'll help you" Nikki offered and he smiled.
"Let's go out to lunch" Harry suggested as we were sitting outside on the porch. "Where would we go?" I asked and he looked at me clueless. "Uh... Erm... I don't know" he said and I laughed. "Okay, I say we go to Nandos" I suggested and he agreed. ••••• We went down town at 12:30. We got out and he came over to hold my hand. "Do you even know where Nandos is?" I asked him. "Not a clue" he said laughed. "Let's just look for some place to eat" he suggested and we started walking. "So do you know when we're leaving for the beach, or even where we're going?" I asked as we walked along the sidewalk. "I think Niall said something about going to an island in the Bahamas. We're leaving in three days" he said smiling. "I can't wait." "I just hope none of the fans find out and go there too" Harry started and looked down. "How would they find out?" I asked worried. I really didn't want them to ruin our vacation. "I really don't know, they find out everything" he said and I frowned. "So if I did this" I started then kissed him on the cheek, "they would know I kissed you in public?" "Maybe, I guess we'll find out" he said grinning. "Nobody saw that. How would they find out" I asked and he looked at me. We stopped walking. "Let's see if they find out about this" Harry said with a smirk on his face and leaned in pulling me into a deep kiss. I kissed him back for awhile and pulled back. "Nobody saw that" I said grinning at him. He bit his lip and leaned in to kiss me again. Nobody was around us, on the streets, in the stores, anywhere. I saw a little girl walking across the street but she wasn't looking. He kept kissing me for awhile, pulling me closer to him. When he leaned back, I smiled. "It's out little secret world of kisses" Harry joked and we started walking once again.
We walked for ten minutes before seeing a place to eat. "I knew we would find a Nandos" I said to Harry as we walked over. As we walked in there were some gasps. "Harry Styles!" I heard a teenage girl scream from one of the tables. She ran over and held up her phone showing him a picture. "Is this the girl you're kissing in the picture?!?" she asked and looked at me. I looked over at the phone shocked to see a picture of Harry and I from earlier, kissing on the sidewalk. "How did--" I started and the girl cut me off. "This picture is everywhere on twitter, tumblr, an instagram!" she screamed. "But there was no one there" Harry said and she looked at him shocked. "Well someone had to take this picture, now can I get a picture with you and your girlfriend?" she asked and I looked at her shocked. "You want me in the picture too?" I asked. "Of course! I love you two as a couple!" she said smiling and we agreed to give her a picture. "Thank you so much!" she said before walking away. We sat down at a table and started talking about how someone could of gotten that picture. "Wait.. Harry" I said looking out the window behind him. There was that same girl I saw from on the street, standing there looking at us through the window. "look!" I screamed and he turned around too late. "What?" he asked. "I swear I just saw a little girl standing there, with a camera, looking at us" I said worried. "That happens all the time" he said but I disagreed. "No... This girl was on the street, when we kissed... I'd remember that face anywhere" I said scared. What was she doing, following us?
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