Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


17. Chapter 17

I woke up to banging on Harry's door. I looked over at him and he got out of bed slowly. "What!" he screamed as he stood next to the door. "It's Nikki. Wheres Liv? She's not in her room!" she screamed through the door and I rolled my eyes. Harry laughed at me and called back to her, "She's in here." I got out of bed and started putting my cloths back on. "Why is she in your room already? It's early..." she started then stopped talking. "Oh... Never mind" she said and I heard her foot steps as she walked away. When I finished getting dressed I walked over to Harry. "See you at breakfast" I said before kissing his cheek and walking out. I walked back to my room and took a quick shower, then got dressed. When I got downstairs I went into the living room to find Liam, Maeve, and Harry. Maeve was sitting on Liam's lap with her face close to his giggled. I looked at Harry in shock and he just shrugged. "They've been doing this for ten minutes now" he said and I laughed walking over to him. I sat down on the couch next to Harry and he smiled at me, then put his arm around my shoulder pulling me closer. "What's for breakfast?" I asked Harry and he looked at me with a worried face. "Uh, Niall and Nikki said they were making it. We should be worried" he said and I laughed. "At least their cooking for once. Did Nikki spend the night here?" "Yeah I think so" he said and turned on the TV.
'One Direction World Tour sold out in less then 3 seconds! New world record' we heard the TV say and all of our jaws dropped. "You guys are going on tour?!?" Maeve and I screamed at the boys. They looked at each other with questioning faces. "We didn't even know about this! Management-" but I cut Harry off and stood up. "You can't blame management for this" I said before storming upstairs with tears in my eyes. How could he not know about his own tour!?! How could he not tell me?!? He was going to leave me in England and now theres nothing I can do about it! Laying on my bed crying, I heard a knock at the door and Harry walked in. I picked up a pillow and threw it at him. "Get out!" I screamed and buried my head into another pillow. He walked over to me and put his hand on my back. Looking up I saw him sitting next to me. "You told me you wouldn't leave me in a million years" I told him and more tears ran down my cheeks. "and I won't. You're coming with me" he said and I looked up at him. He was smiling as I looked into his green eyes. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me in for a hug. I hugged him back and stopped crying. Leaning back, he looked into my eyes. "I love you" I whispered and he leaned in kissing me. I pushed him down against the bed and kept kissing him. "Breakfast time, you two love birds" we heard someone say from the door. Harry didn't close it when he came in. I sat up and stared at him. "I love you too" he said and he leaned in kissing me again. "Erm... Breakfast?" we heard Niall say from behind us. As I leaned up, Harry pulled me down for one last kiss. "I won't ever leave you"
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