Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


15. Chapter 15

Liv POV • Harry and I had to stay at the hospital for a couple days after waking up. When we got back, I immediately moved in with the boys. ••••• "Liv!" I heard Harry calling for me and ran to his room. We've been dating since the accident, two months ago. When I ran into his room and asked what was wrong he just laughed at me. "What?" I asked and he laughed again. He grinned and I ran over to his bed and jumped on him. I sat on his stomach leaning my face in close to his. He tried to lean up and kiss me but I avoided it. "Tell me first" I said to him grinning. "This is all I wanted" he said to me and leaned up kissing me. This time I let him though. As he wrapped his arms around my waist, he leaned up. I slid off his stomach and onto his lap. I grabbed his sides and pulled him closer to my body. We heard the door open and I jumped off of Harry in shock. I looked over to find Nikki standing there. Her jaw dropped when she saw us. I haven't told her anything about Harry and I being together. I knew she would be so upset and tell me not to, that he would break my heart and all that crap. "Liv?" she asked shocked and I got off of Harry's bed walking over to her. "Niall told me you were in Harry's room, so I... Uh... We were going to go shopping today?" she told me and I looked down embarrassed. "Since when have you been hooking up with Harry?" she asked shocked. "He's going to break your heart" she whispered to me and I looked back at Harry.
"Enough with the breaking my heart, Harry won't do that" I said to her and she looked at me shocked. She turned around and walked out of Harry's room. I was going to follow her but she slammed the door shut as she walked out. Looking back at Harry he grinned at me. I ran back to him crashing my lips into his. I moved back and looked into his eyes. "Why does she think you're going to leave me? You aren't, right?" I asked him. He pulled me closer looking into my eyes. "I wouldn't leave you in a million years" he said to me and I blushed. "Good, but.... Chicks before dicks." I joked and got up to my feet. "I'm going shopping with Nikki today" I said and started to walk out the room. "Wait... So AFTER chicks, you're coming back for my dick?" he joked and I grinned at him, then walked out the door.
"Nikki!" I screamed to her as she reached the bottom of the stairs. She turned around. "What?" she asked sounding annoyed. "It's a girls day! Let's go shopping" I said and ran down the stairs to her. "Okay but you have to tell me about you and Harry. Like when did you two even start going out?" she asked and I laughed as we walked out the door. I explained everything to her on the ride there. "So you and Niall?" I asked as we walked through doors of the mall. "Well we started going out when you and Harry were in the comas. I know that sounds mean, sorry. We just spent so much time together waiting for you two to wake up, and... I don't know but we just clicked. He's really funny and super nice!" she said and went on and on about their 'perfect' relationship. After completely emptying our savings on cloths, we went to lunch. When we got back to the boys house, Nikki decided to stay and hang out with Niall. They went into his room and so Harry and I agreed we shouldn't go in there for awhile. God knows what those two could be doing together.
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