Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


14. Chapter 14

Nobodies POV • "Harry and Liv are in comas" the doctor said to the boys, Simon, Paul, Nikki, Ellie, and Aaron. They all sat in the waiting rooms of the hospital, worried to death about their best friends. The car had spun out and hit them, throwing their bodies across the parking lot. Their heads hit the cement and cracked, bleeding everywhere. Knocked out cold, they held hands and thought about each other. The two teenage girls called the ambulance and it came moments later. They went through brain surgery for hours in the ER and are recovering. But nobody knows when they will wake up, or IF they will wake up.
Liv POV • I'm cold. So cold. I couldn't feel anything, accept for the fact the Harry's hand, had left mine. I tried to move but only twitched the hand Harry had been holding. I tried to open my eyes but couldn't. I tried to move my legs but couldn't. I tried to sit up but I couldn't. I couldn't do- ANYTHING. I felt a tear run down my cheek. Was I waking up? My eyes started twitching and I opened one. I opened the other eye slowly and looked around. I was in a hospital bed and Harry was in the one next to me, laying there unconscious. I saw Nikki stand up and run over to me. Tears started running down my cheeks. "I'll get the doctor" I heard Niall say from behind her. He walked out
Harry POV • I could hear everything around me. But I could see anything or move. "You woke up finally!" I heard Nikki say a couple feet away from me. Who had woken up? "Yeah" I heard someone say in a scratchy voice. That scratchy voice was Liv. She was awake! I had to open my eyes and see her! "You and Harry.." I heard Nikki start. Keep going! What happened to Liv and I?!? "A car hit you two" she finished and my heart dropped. This is my fault! I should of see the car coming and pushed us out of the way. "When it hit you two..." Nikki started again. "You and Harry have been unconscious for a week now" she said. I'm still unconscious. Why can't I wake up!? Why can't I see Liv?! "When... is Harry going to wake up?" I heard Liv ask in a limp, lifeless, scratchy voice. "We don't know..." Nikki said calmly. No! I am awake! Why can't I open my eyes. "Harry..." Liv said again and they stopped talking. I heard the door open and shut. "Miss Anderson? How are you feeling? I'm Dr James" I heard someone say... The doctor, he had to make me wake up! Now! "Please, Liv? You mustn't cry" he said calmly and I felt like screaming. She was crying because of me. I did this to her.
I felt my finger twitch.. Am I waking up? Next my whole arm twitched. I felt my eyes shaking a little as I opened one... then the other. Opening my mouth slowly, I said, "Liv..". Everyone turned to look towards me. Liv tried to get up but the doctor told her to stay down putting his hand in front of her. "No..." she said quietly and everyone backed up from her as she leaned forward and hopped off the bed. She walked over to me slowly, holding her hand out for me to hold it. I grabbed it pulling her towards me and leaning up to give her a hug. "Everything is ok now" she whispered into my ear crying on my shoulder. "Don't leave me, don't ever leave me" I said into her ear. I couldn't live if she left me. I've never felt this way about a girl. With Liv, everything is different.
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