Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


13. Chapter 13

Harry was holding me close after our kiss. The sides of our bodies were brushing up against each other and I looked into his eyes. Nothing could go wrong, nothing could go wrong... Wrong... We had been standing in the parking lot and around the corner came a speeding car. Coming closer to Harry's and my bodies it hit us with great impact and we flew, literally. Hitting the ground on my head all I saw was black. I could feel pain on the back of my head and blood everywhere. I couldn't move though. I could only feel two things. I could feel the pain, and I could feel Harry's hand in mine as we laid on the street. He wasn't moving. I wasn't either. It was dark... Everywhere... Too... Dark-- Harry POV • The car hit us but I never let go of Liv's hand, even as our heads hit the cement with a crash. I heard screams from the girls we ha been talking to. "Harry!" was all they said. Liv! Was all I could think. Liv... Don't.. Leave-- me... Everything went black once again but I had no feeling whatsoever. Liv. I tried to call out, but nothing happened. What was wrong with me? I couldn't do anything. Life was just... Frozen... Or life was just... No... I couldn't have died. No...
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