Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


12. Chapter 12

Looking into Harry's eyes I could tell he was thinking about me. It was the same way I looked at him. I looked up at the movie once again trying to break eye contact and once I looked away, Harry did too. I looked at him though the corner of my eye and smiled to myself. This was getting awkward. I slowly pulled my hand out of his and he let go. "Uh--" I said looking down at our, now empty, hands and he looked over to him. "Erm..." Harry started but didn't say anything else. We watched the rest of the movie in silence and when it finished walked out not saying anything, but we stopped outside the theater doors. "That was-- fun" Harry said trying to start conversation. Okay, now it's my turn. "Yeah, we should do this again" I said smiling at him. He looked down grinning and I once again grabbed his hand and held it. He looked at me shocked but didn't let go. "Want me to show you around town?" he asked as we started walking towards his car. "Sure" I said smiling and we heard some giggles behind us. Harry turned around to look at them and I heard more giggling. "You're Harry Styles?" one of the girls asked and Harry nodded, then looked back at me as we kept walking. "Is that your girlfriend?" another one asked as they kept following us. I looked up at Harry and it's like he didn't know what to say. I wanted him to say yeah, this is my girlfriend Liv, but he looked back at them saying "No, we're just friends". I frowned a little but I don't think Harry noticed. "Or..." Harry continued and looked to me. I but my lip nervously and grinned. "Yes" I said quietly and he smiled. "This is my girlfriend" Harry said to the girls and they started squealing. "Then kiss" the first girl said, and we stopped.
I looked up at Harry and he looked down at me. He bit his lip like he was nervous. "We're waiting" one of the girls said anxiously. Looking into Harry's eyes it was like he was asking for permission to kiss me. "Do it" I said quietly and he leaned in. I kissed him back softly and the girls once again started to squeal. Harry leaned back and looked into my eyes keeping his face close to mine. I looked into his. It was almost the perfect moment, but then it happened...
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