Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


11. Chapter 11

After breakfast I went upstairs and texted Harry. •Hey• •Want to hang out today?• he responded and I smiled to myself. •Sure, whatcha wanna do?• •We could go see that new movie that just came out• Wait... Did Harry just ask me out on a date. My phone buzzed again and I saw another next from Harry, •not a date, as friends ;) • okay so maybe thats better. •Sure• I replied and walked over to my suitcases. I haven't unpacked anything yet. I will at Harry's. I got out a cute outfit and laid it down on my bed. (check hash tag #MeantToBeFanficOutfits1 to see the outfit) I closed the window and shades, then walked over to my bathroom. I took a quick shower and then got dressed. After I dried my hair I put on my make-up and straightened my hair. Ready... I went over to check my phone and saw Harry had texted back. •I'll come over at 2:00 to pick you up• It was 1:00 already! I had a late breakfast.
"I'm going to the movies with Harry, be back later" I told Nikki as I walked down the stairs towards the door. "You can't do that!" she screamed at me. "Why?" I asked and looked past her towards the door. Harry was standing by the window waiting for me. "He's going to break your heart! Don't hang out with him!" she screamed and Harry heard her. He looked at me through the glass. "Your on this AGAIN! Seriously, I trust Harry and we're just friends" I said loudly so Harry could hear too. I walked past Nikki to the door. "Trust me Liv, be careful" she said and I looked away annoyed at her. I opened the door and Harry was standing there, being all perfect and crap. He always looked perfect. I guess that's what happens when your a star. He looked behind me at Nikki and I could tell she was giving him a dirty look. He turned his head down and looked at his shoes. I slammed the door shut when Nikki started talking again. Harry laughed and we started to walk towards his car. We got in and started talking. We talked the whole way there, but it was only a ten minute drive. We walked in and some teenage girls immediately ran over towards Harry. "Harry Styles! Can we get a picture?" they screamed and he looked at me, then back to them. "Sorry girls, I'm hanging out with my friend" he said and they walked away. They looked disappointed but Harry didn't care. "Why didn't you--" I started but he cut me off. "once people start asking for pictures, it never ends. I'm here to hang out with you, not fans" he said and I smiled at him.
Once we got the pop corn, we walked into the theater and sat down. Of course when the commercials start, it's the trailer for the One Direction movie. I looked over at Harry and we laughed. Someone stood up from behind us and screamed. "Shut up! One Direction is waiting for me!" and we couldn't help but laugh even more. "Your a popular boy, aren't you?" I joked and he grinned at me. "When did you guys even do a movie?" I asked him. "Uh... About a year ago I think" he said. "And it's coming out this late?" I asked and he nodded. The lights dimmed and the movie began. I looked over at Harry and he smiled at me. His smile was so perfect, he was so perfect. I looked into his eyes as he looked into mine. He smiled at me and I looked back up towards the movie screen.
Harry POV • I looked into her beautiful eyes and smiled at her. She was perfect. She looked back up towards the movie screen so I did too. I looked down and she reached over to hold my hand. I moved my hand towards hers and held it. She smiled at me and I smiled back. I looked into her eyes, and they were beautiful. She just made me feel happy. She made me feel good inside. Like I wanted to be with her all the time. ••••• Liv POV • He held my hand and looked into my eyes. I looked into his and felt something inside. Like he was reaching out to me and asking me to be with him all the time. Yes... I wanted to be with him all the time. He's nice, funny, and when I look into his eyes... I... I... just... I... fall for him...
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