Meant to be

What can I say.... We're just meant to be...


10. Chapter 10

Harry POV • The next morning I got a text from Liv telling me to meet her outside. I walked out and she ran over to me. "I found out who I'm moving in with!!" she screamed and hugged me, "you guys!" she sounded really excited. "Haha yeah, Niall told me last night right before I went to bed" I said smiling and hugging her back. I looked down at her and she smiled at me. I kept looking at her, though. It's like time was frozen, but it wasn't and there was only one thing I wanted to do that very second. I wanted to lean down and kiss her but she gave me a funny look "What?" she asked laughing and backed up from our hug. "Uh- nothing" I said, but it wasn't nothing. She was beautiful just standing there in a short light green dress and flats. I guess I had been staring at her again because she looked at me funny and repeated herself, "What?!?" she asked laughing once again. "Nothing" I said and she just grinned at me. "I've go to go" she said walking away slowly not taking her eyes off me until she disappeared behind the doors on the Bennett's. "That was smooth, Harry. You eyed her down like a falcon" I heard Niall say from behind me and he laughed as I chased him back inside. "No I didn't!" I yelled at him. "You totally did and she's creeped out now" he said as I chased him around the house. "I'm gunna get you!" I screamed as we ran throughout the whole house.
Liv POV • I can't believe I'm moving in with Harry and Niall, and the other guys but.... I actually knew Harry and Niall. But Harry... I was going to be living with him. In a way I didn't want to because I like him, I mean I like like him. What if he only wants to be friends and we're stuck in the same house together. no... I need to think positive. Think happy thoughts. Maybe I was trying to think too hard, "What are you doing?" Nikki asked as she walked over to me. I looked up at her and he laughed. "Sorry I'm just thinking" I said and she sat down next to me. We were in the kitchen waiting for breakfast to be done. They had a personal chef that came to their house to cook means. "What-- OR who are you thinking about?" she asked me sounding curious. "Ah, no one" I said and she gave me a look. Like a stop lying, I'm not an idiot, look. "Are you thinking about Harry?" she asked and I looked over shocked. How could she tell, am I really that predictable? "Wait... Are you thinking about when you move in with Harry?" she changed her question. "How-- you know?" I asked. "Well Yeah and good luck living with a bunch of crazy stars. You never know what they're going to do" she said and I continued for her, "Like how Harry left you?" I said and she nodded. "But I don't think they'll leave you because your pretty, they'll probably just bring you with them everywhere and treat you like their Barbie doll" she joked and we started laughing. "Just be careful, and I'm being serious now. Stay away from Harry" she finished the sentence quietly. "Wait-- you think since I'm moving in with them, he's going to--" I stopped myself from finishing the sentence. "Just stay away from him, I'm being serious" she said and I agreed. I guess she did know more about him then me. But I don't think he would try to... never mind... "Breakfast is served" the chef said as he handed us our plates of pancakes.
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