Summer Love

When two girls find their summer love, they never want to let them go. Will fate bring them together again? Do they still remember the boys? Will the boys remember them? Will they fall in love again?


3. Shopping


 POV Emma

Me and Angela went to our room. I knew that I was going to have nightmares after the two horror movies! I changed into my pajamas, and brushed my teeth. I jumped in my bed I took the covers over me. “Goodnight Emma” Angela said, “goodnight” I said.

She turned the lights off I got scared and it would be embarrassing to say that to Angie.

The only person that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to say that I have nightmares is Niall. For some reason I trusted Niall… I mean it felt like I have known him all my life!

It might sound crazy but I am not kidding! I slowly stood up and walked out of the door to Niall and Harry’s room. Niall was still awake while Harry was snoring. “Um Niall?” I whispered, “Yeah are you having nightmares?” he asked. “How did you know?” I asked while whispering. “Why else would you be here? Come!” he said while gesturing to come sit next to him.

I went up and sat next to him, I rested my head in his lap. He was playing with my hair. I slowly fell asleep. I woke up and his arms were wrapped around me, I woke him up we were face to face he smiled “well I better go back to my room!” I said while standing up.

I tiptoed back to our room, Angela was still fast asleep. I climbed into the tub and had a hot bath. After 20 minutes I climbed out and straightened my hair and put my makeup on.

I took out a turquoise dress on and a bikini under. My phone was now fully charged I went on twitter and tweeted “follow @Niallhoran” I tweeted it and got 200 people that favorited it.

I looked on Niall’s profile and saw that he got 246 followers! Yay!

I made up my mind about what to do today and I decided that I want to go shopping.

Angela finally woke up I had ordered breakfast from room service.

“What are you doing up so early?” she asked me.

“I just woke up and got myself ready! Is there a problem with waking up early?” I asked.

“No I’m just asking!” she said while getting a black hoodie and putting it on. “You slept in your clothes!?”I asked. “Yup, and I am proud of it!”

There was an awkward silence. “So what are you going to do today?” she asked me.

“Well I am going shopping and I want you or Niall to come with me!” I said.

“NIALL!!!!”  She yelled and ran in the bathroom. Niall walked through the door, “hi you are going shopping with me today and if you do then we can go partying later!” I told him. “OK!” he said while running to his room and getting changed.

POV Niall

I put on a t-shirt and shorts I took sunglasses and flip-flops. There, perfect summer clothes!

Emma looked stunning. We walked to the shopping mall and Emma went straight for Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, H&M, a shoe shop, a handbag shop, make up shop, forever 21 and a jewelry shop.

“Can we get something to eat!?” I asked. Emma’s hands were filled with shopping bags.

“Yeah I am done shopping now” she said I was now really bored.

We went to Burger king I had two XLL sized hamburgers while Emma had some fries.

After that we headed to the hotel.

“Soo Emma I see that you have been shopping” Harry said while Emma was unpacking the clothes, jewelry and make up.

“Oh Angela I bought you this” I said while throwing a blue New York Yankees snapback.

“OMG thanks!” She said while giving Emma a hug and putting it on. “I got one but in pink” Emma said and put it on too.

“I also got Supra high-tops!” Emma said while throwing a pair of blue high-tops to Angela.

“I got a pair but in pink” Emma said while Angela hugged me even more tighter.

“Wait why didn’t I see when you got those things?” I asked.

“Because you were too busy on your phone!” she said while playfully sticking her tongue at me. Everyone started to laugh.

I lifted her up over my shoulder, “STOP PUT ME DOWN!” she said while laughing. She playfully started slapping me.

“OK OK!” I said Angela and Harry were on the ground laughing.

I put her down on the bed, she was still laughing.

POV Angela

I was laughing so hard. I tried calming down but I just couldn’t. Harry was laughing as hard as me.

I went up to Niall and playfully slapped his arm. “Don’t do that to my best friend!” I said laughing at the same time.

He came up to me and we started to wrestle, but he won because I was laughing so much. I could hear Harry and Emma laughed even more. 


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