Summer Love

When two girls find their summer love, they never want to let them go. Will fate bring them together again? Do they still remember the boys? Will the boys remember them? Will they fall in love again?


2. Kissing


POV Emma

We got to go out of the plane and I was still freaking out about Angela and Harry holding hands I mean she just met him! Oh well “race you down the stairs!” Angela told Harry while starting to run down the stairs. Harry started running he got close behind until they both vanished down the stairs.

I looked at Niall he was on his twitter account. “How many followers do you have?” I asked.

“Forty six” he said, OMG AND I EVEN HAVE MORE FOLLOWERS THAN HIM AND I THOUGHT THAT I HAD NOT MUCH AT ALL! I had 300 followers but that is not a lot! Trust me in my school the popular kids have 5k followers.

We started walking down the stairs; we were heading to our luggage until we saw the weirdest thing ever! HARRY AND ANGELA WERE MACKING OUT NEXT TO OUR LUGGAGE! Angela saw me and stopped.  Niall and I are just friends. I don’t think he likes me in that way…

POV Niall

We got in the taxi Emma was sitting next to me, she is sooo beautiful! But she probably doesn’t like me in that way…

We got to the hotel the girls room was right by us. We girls went to their hotel room while we went to ours. “So Harry are you going to ask Angela out?” I asked. “Well I was planning that we could go to the beach and then I will ask her out you know when the sun goes down and its all really pretty!” he explained. “Oh ok” I said with a smile. “When are you going to ask Emma out!?” Harry asked.

“Well I don’t think that she likes me in that way!” “OMG NIALL SHE DOES LIKE YOU!.”

“OMG Harry we can hear through the walls, we can hear what they are talking about!” I said while putting my ear on the wall.

“Ok I do like Niall it’s just that he doesn’t like me in that way!” I heard Emma say.

“YES HE DOES!” Angela told Emma.

“Ok now I am done unpacking!” Emma told Angela. “Let’s go to the boy’s room to check on them!” Angela said while closing the door shut.

“Harry EMMA LIKES ME!” I said just then Angela came walking through the door with Emma right behind her.

“Hi!” Emma said while plopping on the bed. “Angela do you want to go to the beach?”  Harry asked.

“Sure!” she said while running to her room to get changed to a bikini.

Harry took his swimming shorts and changed in the bathroom.

“I will just watch a movie” Emma said “me too!”I said while plopping on the bed next to Emma.

Niall flicked on the TV the first thing that came up was a horror film.

POV Harry

The sun was going down, and we were now swimming Angela was a really good swimmer.

She kissed me on the cheek I was about to kiss her until she started swimming. She laughed when she came up to shore.

She put her blanket on the sand and layed there. She was sooo beautiful.

I finally came up to shore “Angela may I have the honor of being your boyfriend?” I asked.

“YES!” she said kissing me.

POV Emma

My head was tucked in Niall’s chest. It became pitch black “Niall if this is a joke then please stop!” I said “it’s not me the powers out.” I couldn’t find the door I started walking in the darkness Niall behind me I turned around and fell I fell right on top of Niall our foreheads and noses were touching.

He started to kiss me; I started playing with his hair. The lights went back on so I stood up and went on the bed again.

Niall stood up and before I got on the bed he spinned me around so I was face to face with him.

I pecked his lips then plopped on the bed.

He sat down next to me and started to hold my hand.


Sorry about the short chapter!





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