Summer Love

When two girls find their summer love, they never want to let them go. Will fate bring them together again? Do they still remember the boys? Will the boys remember them? Will they fall in love again?


1. Leaving home




”WE ARE GOING TO MIAMI!” I screamed with excitement.

“OMG! Hehehe we might find a summer love…” Angela said while laughing/screaming.

“Ok now we have to PACK!” I screamed, it wasn’t everyday two Cowgirls got to go to Miami!

Angela ran out to her house. I took out my laptop and skyped her.

“Ok should I have my purple or pink dresses?” I asked.

“Ummm…. TAKE THEM BOTH! Oh my blue jeans or black jeans?” she asked me.

“BOTH!” I said while stacking the cutest and girliest things I had. Ok I was a real girly girl! While Angela was a tom boy. But we were still BEST FRIENDS!

We were going to be there for three months and would go shopping weither Angela like it or not!

 We are going because my uncle Damian is a famous designer and how saw hard we were working at the farm and gave us his credit card and told us we could go to MIAMI!

“It will be hard to say good bye to Pixie…” I said.

Pixie is my hazel colored Mustang (Mustang the horse not the car!) she is so good I have trained myself. While Angeline has a horse named Twilight he is a black stallion. Yes I know, stallions are very wild but that’s exactly how she found him.




“OMG! EM! Damian is coming and the first thing he wants to do is go camping!!”

“YAY! CAMPING!” She shouted in my face. Thanks…

When Em is in town and around stores, she is one of the girliest people I have ever met but when we get back on the farm she is not afraid to get down and get dirty.

** One week later **


I ran to the door because I knew exactly who it was…



I gave him a massive bear hug and kiss on the cheek.

Uncle Damian and I are really close. He was there when I needed him the most and I loved him for that.

All of a sudden Em appeared from behind me and gave Damian a big bear hug too.

“LET’S GO CAMPING!” Damian yelled.

Em and I grabbed our camping bags and ran away with Damian.

The whole way there we laughed and joked until we saw one of the most amazing things ever. It was a pack of stallions running by. One of the stallions fell down and couldn’t get back up. We ran over to see if he was ok, just then we soon realized that we could help him.

I ran in and got tools to help the cut on the horses leg. The horse was still wrapped up in barbed wires. I slowly took the leg that was stuck in the wires. I took the bandages and wrapped it over, “can I keep the horse?” I asked Damian. “Well you have to train him!” Emma told me. “I am up to anything, as long as I get to keep this horse!” I said. “His name will be Twilight.” I slowly indicated that the horse should stand up and I could see that the horse trusted me.

I walked to the stables I didn’t know that the horse was following me, it must be hard walking on three legs. I took him were Pixie was, they became friends.


We jumped into the rusty old truck, I waved goodbye to my parents Emma did the same.

We both looked at Pixie and Twilight and started crying.

We already said goodbye to them and had ridden them for the last time for three months.

We started driving away, me and Em are not very popular with the boys. So we get called loser and stuff because we lived on a farm.  I would have thought that Em would be in the popular group. But we have each other, I did really want to find a *summer love*.

We finally arrived at the airport we were not in the same seats on the airplane. A blonde haired  guy sat down next to me. “Hi” he said “hi” I replied, “My names Niall, Niall Horan” “well hello their Niall my names Angela” I just had this feeling that I was going to be talking with him for the whole plane ride.

POV Emma.

A tall guy came and sat next to me he had brown curly hair. “Hi” I said, “hello my names Harry.”  “My name is Emma” “why don’t they have any good tv programs like basketball, American football, baseball or at least a sport or video games!?” he asked.

“You know you remind me of my best friend she is just like you!” I said, “well where is she?” Harry asked. “Right in front of us!” I said.

He walked up to the seat with Emma and a really good looking guy.

POV Angela

A good looking guy came up to the seats that me and Niall where in.

“Can I help you?” I asked. “Are you friends with Emma?” he asked. “YES! Wait why…” I asked suspiciously. “Niall can we change seats?” he asked Niall.

“Sure” Niall responded.

Niall went up to Emma I could see her blushing! 

“Soo…” I asked.  “Well your friend said that I reminded her of you. OMG YOU HAVE A FOOTBALL JERSEY WITH ALL THE SIGNATURES FROM THE PLAYERS FROM THE WORLD CUP!?” Harry asked while pointing to my shirt.

Since my uncle is rich and famous he can basically do whatever he wants.  That may make him


“COOOL! I have never met a girl as awesome and pretty as you.” Harry said I couldn’t hold in the blushing any more.

POV Emma

“H..h..hi” he said I could see that he was blushing I knew I was blushing as much as him.

“Hi my name is Emma” I said Niall looked up into my eyes his eyes were blue.

“My name is Niall” he said “do you recommend any hotels?” he asked.

“Well we are staying at this hotel at the beach!” “It also has a club! I love partying!” I said. “I also love partying!” “Well now you have made me want to go to that hotel so me and Harry will book a room.”

He took out his I phone 5 and went on the hotels website. He booked a room, “OMG that is the room next to ours!” I told Niall. “Cool should we watch a movie?” he asked “ok!” I replied.

He put on the most scariest movie there was.  We had to share headphones so we were really close through the whole thing I buried my head in his chest. He wrapped his arms around me and I felt like I was in heaven! He was warm and I put my head up and he lifted my chin up “theirs supposed to be a romantic ending!” he said.

At the end they just killed each other. I just started hugging him tight I didn’t like the thought of people dying. “Dear passengers, we will be arriving in Miami shortly, thank you for flying with us.” this ladies voice said through these speakers.

He chuckled “it’s not funny!” I said while playfully slapping his arm.

The plane started landing oh how I hate when we land! I once again buried my face in his chest.

Angela loved when you landed she would laugh through the whole thing.

Harry had joined in with her.

“WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!” They both yelled as we landed.


The plane stopped and we got to get out of the plane.

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