No-one Understands

Name: Adam
Age: 39
Dress: Khaki trousers and polo shirts, Plaid shirts and overalls, Timberland boots.
Hometown: Iowa, Mississippi
Family&Friends: None
Description: Sociopath
Adam's just an ordinary person who's socially awkward. Or so it seems. When Adam can no longer control his temper and his mental health starts to deteriorate, he goes on a mad killing spree, leaving him no friends or close relatives. Read on to find out exactly what happens on this spree of his...


1. Slowly Losing His Mind

Adam sat calmly at a counter in the ice cream parlor, scanning through a menu. Any normal individual would have assumed he was just an regular member of the public. Well little did they know…

“Can I take your order?”

Adam’s expression altered immediately, and he gave the waiter such a spine-chilling glare, he could melt butter just by looking at it.

“Sir? Can I take your order?” Adam sprung to his feet and began to pull something from his khaki trouser pocket.


He drew a loaded gun out of his pocket, forced the waiter into headlock, and placed it onto his temple at close range.

“You ask me that again, and I will blow your brains all over that friggin’ wall!” he screamed.

“Um o-okay, I’m sorry,” he apologized, petrified.

“Gimme all the cash in the till!” he ordered.

“Bu-“the cashier stuttered.

“DO IT!”

“Okay, okay. I’m doing it.” She handed him a bundle of notes.

“Look, it doesn't have to end like this!” she said.

“Oh, but it does.” He raised the gun and fired six times.

“Anyone else wanna try and work things out between us?!” he demanded. Everyone in the parlor shook their heads vigorously so that he’d receive the message. All but one. (Sigh) there’s always someone. Let this be a lesson to you-

 “Wait!” Pleaded one of the hostages. Adam swiveled round to meet the man’s eye.

“Did I not make myself clear?!

“Can't we, at least, find compromise here!”

“I guess I wasn't clear enough then, huh?!” He marched over to the victim, busted both of his kneecaps and shot him wrathfully four times.

“Now have I made myself clear?!” he queried. The remaining hostages nodded their heads speechlessly.


-, never try to compromise with a man who’s slowly, but surely, losing his mind.                                        



“C’mon girls, lets watch a film.”

Skylar inserted a DVD into the slot and the screen flickered on and Kirsten opened a box of pizza.

“Did anybody hear that?” wondered Kristen.


“Nuh uh.”

“I’m going downstairs to get something to drink, okay?” exclaimed Kristen. The girls nodded, stuffing popcorn in their mouths.

“I’ll be right back.” She made her way down the staircase and into the kitchen. She rummaged through the cupboard and found half a packet of snack-a-Jacks and a bottle of coca cola. She took the drink from the cupboard and turned to go back upstairs when,(SLASH!) the swipe of a serrated blade slit her throat. There was a sound of a bottle dropping on the cold hard floor.

“Did you hear that?” asked Brigitte.

“Yeah, did you Charlene?”

“Yeah, I heard it too.” They paused the film and each grabbed a heavy object. They crept down the stairs one by one to check out what was going on.

“Aaaah!” a blood curdling scream escaped Brigitte’s mouth and she dropped her weapon. An open bottle was pouring its contents out across the floor, and blood was smeared across the kitchen tiles, the remaining evidence of Kristen ever being there.

“She’s gone! What happened?!”Shrieked Charlene, devastated. (Cries)No! NO! This can’t be happening!”

"Hey! CALM DOWN. We'll find her, we just gotta keep ourselves together." Skylar re-assured her. When she ''d finally gotten herself together she called for help.

“999, what is your emergency?”

“Our friend has been attacked and kidnapped and there’s blood all over the kitchen floor! Hurry!” Brigitte explained, still sounding shaken.

“Okay, just stay calm, we’re sending over a forensic team and some police officers right away. In the meantime, just stay calm and sit tight.

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