Lila has always been Harry's little sister. He loves her with all his heart and cant bear to see her in pain. What will harry do when his beloved sister starts falling for one of his bestfriends...?


4. chapter 4

*louis point of view*

now i know what you guys are thinking, im a bad friend for liking my bestfriends sister but i dont know theres something diffrent about her that entices me, from her two diffrent colored eyes, to her brown long curly hair that always falls in the right place. i feel bad because harry has always been there for me and he obivously cares about Lila alot, but i want to prove to both him and lila that i am not going to hurt her. im not saying i love her because that would be ridculous, we just met yesterday but i deffinatly want to get to know her more because you never know right?

as harry was getting dressed for today i knew i woud have to talk to him before i even thought about askng lila on a date because when i raised my hand i could see the hurt and betrayal in his eyes. he trusted me and i couldnt just break that trust. once harry was done he started to walk out of his room with the boys but i stop him and say, "hey can we talk?"

"yeah sure" he said

"listen haz, you are my bestfriend and i dont want to lose you but lila is diffrent theres just something about her, im sorry if you feel betrayed in anyway i just wanted to tell you that." i say hanging my head out of disappointment.

"listen boobear i just want lila safe and if you can provide that, i trust you with her, just keep her safe please." harry said pleadingly.

"i will hazza i promise."

as we start to walk downstairs to join up with the boys and girls. i go downstairs and see her, sitting on the couch with her head tilted back laughing, she was so pretty and so at peace with her self. oh lila.

*lila's point of view*

me and rori were sitting on the couch when niall, liam and zayn came downstairs but where were harry and louis?

"where are harry and louis?" i ask the boys

"oh they are just talking" zayn said waving away my question

"oh alright." i said getting curious

"soooo, come here often love?" niall asks rori with a smile

at that point i started laughing so hard, i dont know why but just the fact that niall tried hitting on rori in such a cute way made my day, once i started laughing rori joined in and all you hear from niall is, "what did i say?" with a smile.

when i was laughing i didnt notice that harry and louis joined us

"what happend?" harry asks us

"oh nothing haz, niall was just being nice" i answer  with a smile

"LETS GO TO PINKBERRY!" rori yells "im starving" she adds with a slight smile.

once rori said that niall had the biggest smile on his face, "do you like eating?" he asks her

"pshhh yeah! i love eating!" she answers with a smile

"youre perfect!" niall exclaims while laughing

i knew it once he said it, niall had a crush on rori. now only if louis liked me...

"alright guys lets go!" harry said

we ended up just walking because fortunatley for us pinkberry was right down the street from mine and harrys house.

"piggy back ride!" i scream whille charging at harry

"oh god no.." he mutters while trying to brace himself for the impact that was about to happen

i gather up speed when all of a sudden i see pavement coming towards my face and then i see nothing.

*harry's point of view*

i just stood there waiting for lila to jump on my back but she never made contact with me. i turn around to see where she is and i see her on the ground not moving. it felt like time had stopped everyone was just staring at her not knowing what to do until louis ran up to her shaking her almost crying out of desperation

"lila please wake up please. harry come here shes bleeding." he said to me with tears in his eyes

"omg lila wake up please." i say. i look at her face and i see that she is bleeding from her chin like she hit it when she fell. when all of a sudden her eyes opened.

*louis point of view*

she cant be dead. no she cant. oh what ami saying? her heart is beating i can feel it, she must be unconsicous from falling so hard, then outof nowhere her eyes fluttered open.

"ouch" she said touching her chin.

"oh thank god lila are you okay whta happened?" zayn asks her

"im fine i think i just need a bandaid or to go to the doctors cause my chin is bleeding alot, and i think i tripped over myself is all." she answers while trying to flas us a smile to signify that shes alright.

"lets go." i say trying to help her up

we walk to the doctors and that took awhile and once we got there we must have looked werid because my hands were covered in lilas blood from trying to stop the bleeding and harry had dirt all over his jeans from crouching on the ground but never the less the nurse came over and said that the doctor will see lila soon. once the doctor came into the waiting room he called out lilas name motioning her to follow him. "youre allowed to bring just one other person" the doctor says

"harry come with me please, im scared." lila says quietly to harry

"of course lil, ill be waiting for you once you come out why dont you take louis he might have a heart attack while youre gone." harry said to her

"what...." she began to say

"later." harry answer

"c'mon louis lets go." lila said while standing up

"youre going to be okay" i say to her with a smile. she looks at me scared but ends up smiling from my reasurance.

the doctor looks at lilas face once we get into the examing room and tells us that she needs to get stitches to close the gash on her chin.

"oh just one more thing, you might end up having a scar but it depends on how your skin ends up healing." the doctor said to us

"im so sorry louis, im just so clumsy." lila said hanging her head down in shame.

"listen love its fine, everyone falls once in awhile we will go to pink berry tomorrow." i tell her trying to make her feel better

the doctor comes back and starts to put the stitches on lilas chin, i held her hand because i knew she was scared of getting into even more pain.

"all finshed." the doctor tells us while putting away his tools

"are we free to leave?" i ask

"sure thing i just need lila's parents information for the billing." he said

once lila and harry tell the doctor their parents information we leave heading back to harrys house.

"can we order food?" niall groans from not eating

"sure thing nillator." liam says "what would you like?" he asks niall

"CHICKEN!" rori and niall answer him at the same time smiling

everyone starts laughing at them, both of them not knowing that they instantly changed the mood of everyone, cheering everyone up at once.

"you guys are perfect for eachother." zayn says making rori and niall blush at the thought.

i turn to see lila smiling, happy for her friend and niall. and thats when i looked up into her eyes and saw oh truley beautiful she was. her eyes were crinkled at the edges and her blue and green eyes sparkled out of being happy. i just had to ask her on a date. i didnt even care if she didnt like me i just had to tell her that i had a crush on her and i wanted to get to know her more.

"lila can i talk to you in the kitchen?" i ask her

"of course" she answers with a smile.

once we get into the kitchen i turned around to look at lila and saw that she had a confused look on her face.

"lila... would you like to go out on a date with me? i understand that we just met but i want to get to know you more and i would love it if you said yes." i ask her nervous at first but gaining confdence as i spoke. i look a lila to see what she is thinking and thats when she answered..

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