Lila has always been Harry's little sister. He loves her with all his heart and cant bear to see her in pain. What will harry do when his beloved sister starts falling for one of his bestfriends...?


3. chapter 3

*Rori's point of view* once we got to the top of harrys roof ledge, me and lila layed down on our stomachs and at this point i filled in lila on what we are going to do.

"remember olan rogers? that video i showed you about the ghost in the stalls?" i ask lila.

"yeah, oh my are we going to do that?! youre a genius!" lila said excitedly

"i try. i try" i said smiling

okay so if you havent seen olan rogers look him up now. he is amazing i showed lila awhile ago and this guy is hilarious. so anyways we scream at the top of our lungs, like we are getting murdered, because its a saturday and you know we are clear scotch... so dang clear of anything that day so we end up hearing someone else scream out of fear and the banging of a window hitting the side of the window.

"hello anyone there? are you in trouble?!" harry said worried

as the window was getting opened me and lila pulled ourselves up so no one could see us from looking up. our plan was working. once the window closed again me and lila started laughing uncontrolably. we decided to do it again because we had nothing else to do for today except pinkberry, but thats later on.. so we screamed once again but it was even louder than the first time. it was like we were screaming bloody murder. and once again we hear the window slam open but i guess this time harry decided to look up to see if someone was trying to prank him.

"if someones up there im gunna get you back!" harry yells.

once the window closes again we start laughing hysterically.

"omg this is great. harrys getting so scared!" lila said

"we gotta do it one more time..." i say

so we decided to scream one more time but this time we screamed hide. harry got so scared, we heard hm run down the stairs screaming his head off.

"omg. that. was great." lila says while trying to breathe.

"yes! lets get down before he finds out it was us!" i say to her

so we start to shimmy down the vines again and once we get to the ground we start laughing nonstop. we walk into the house and we see harry on the couch rocking back and forth with a boy with blonde hair trying to comfort him.

"i swear this house is haunted. it seemed like it was being tourted."  harry said shaking.

i lost it then, now i know that at that point harry would know we were pranking him but i didnt care. i twas just too funny. harry looks up and sees me and lila standing there with giant smiles on our faces.

"you guys didnt.... did you?" harry says to us while standing up.

"do what harold?" i say to him while trying to hold in my laughter and a smile.

"yeah haz do what?" lila says giggling

"oh you guys did! you guys scared the shit out of me! that was so not cool." harry says. at first he seemed really angry but when he finished talking we could tell he was trying to hold in his laughter. at that point i knew we were forgiven.

"sorry haz but we couldnt pass up that oppurtunity." lila says smiling.

"i believe introductions are in order." i boy with blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes said to me while smiling.

"oh yea this is rori, OI boys come here and meet lilas bestfriend!" harry screams.

all of a sudden a heard of boys come running form the kitchen. they were all smiling at me and they were all gorgeous but i just couldnt keep my eyes off the blonde one.

"hello love my name is niall" he blonde one said

"my names rori." i answer with a smile.

"and this is louis, liam, and zayn." niall said pointing to each and one of the boys in the living room.

"so what are you ladies up today?" liam asks smiling.

"well me and lila over here were going to pinkberry, would you guys be up to coming with us?" i ask them.

"we would love to go." louis replied

"yeah just give us time to get ready, lil monster." harry says to me

Harry has always called me lil monster ever since ive know him and his family. harry has always been like and older brother to me, hes protective over me but not as protective as he is over lila. he couldnt bear to have her feel anymore pain. i honestly think lila is unique even though she may not think so. her having two diffrent colored eyes could be the best thing to happen to her. they act like a filter, her eyes make sure that no one who isnt intending to stick around wont.

"okay harold, we are gunna wait outside." i answer teasing him because i know for a fact that he hates being called harold.

i look back at the boys and i see louis looking at lila. and when i look at lila i see shes looking at her brother, oblivious to whats happening. i turn to see the other boys and i see niall looking at me, i turn my face to the ground blushing

lila and i sit down on the couch waiting silently for the boys to be done getting ready, when i turn to her and ask her "hey do you think louis is cute?"

"w..why are you asking?" she said stuttering slightly

iknew it. she liked him.

"come on just tell me lil." i say

"yes. yes i find him cute." she said blushing.

"but i know haz wont approve, its one of his bestfriends." she said

"let me talk to harold and ill try to see if he will..." i began to say

"no dont. it will just make him angry, besides louis doesnt even like me why would he." she said cutting me off.

"okay how about this we go to pinkberry and we see how it goes and if i can tell he likes you ill talk to him about it." i said trying to reason with her. the thing about lila is that we were both stubborn but we can easily come to an agreement with each other.

"fine fine fine" she answers finally giving in.

*harrys point of view*

as i go up stairs i see lila and rori sit on the couch. i smile to myself. those two girls mean everything to me. rori has been like a little sister to me, shes always been there for lila when i couldnt be. as i walk into my room i see the boys sitting on my bed already dressed to go.

"come on harry get your butt movin!" zayn says to me.

"alright alright but i just want to say this first, if any of you guys like rori or especially lila speak now because i dont want either of them getting hurt." i say to them

none of the speak but all of a sudden two hands go up in the air. louis and niall.

i understand niall because i could see him staring at rori ever since she walked in the door, but louis? hes my bestfriend. once i saw his hand raise i knew this was going to be a rough couple of months.

"louis? who do you like...?" i ask him

"lila." that one word so short but sweet. dooming me to unbelivable stress.

"you know the deal boobear. no funny buisness, i talk to her first and i swear if you hurt her, it will be hte last thing you do." i say to him.

"i wont hazza i wont." he said promising me.

oh this pinkberry visit is going to be interesting...i thought to myself.




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