Lila has always been Harry's little sister. He loves her with all his heart and cant bear to see her in pain. What will harry do when his beloved sister starts falling for one of his bestfriends...?


2. chapter 2

*Lilas Point of View*

i woke up the next day to a text from my besfriend, Rori, saying "Hey, wanna go to pink berry?". Let me first explain to you how me and Rori met. We first met in pre-school when she tried stealing my macaroni cheese colored crayon. It was my favorite crayon... When i tried taking it away she gave me a weird look so i pushed her. Granted it wasnt the best way to react to a girl taking your crayon, but you see mac and cheese was my favorite snack.. So anyways, i pushed her down and she randomly started laughing and then i started laughing so,  i started sharing my crayons with her and ever since then we have been bestfriends.

"sure but do you wanna come over first, Harry is back!" i reply.

"absolutley! i miss little harold and ill be over in about 20 minutes." Rori texted back

"GAHHHH!" i scream at the top of my lungs. i have no time to get dressed! all of a sudden i hear footsteps pounding up the stairs and then someone bursts through my door.

"omg! lila what happened are you okay?!" it was louis. He was checking up on me.

"oh hahhaha yes. sorry" i answer with a smile

"where is haz?" i ask.

"oh hes down stairs in the kitchen, he wanted me to check up on you because hes making breakfast."

"oh alright. well im gunna get dressed so if you could ya know.... go down stairs.." i said

"oh sure!" he said smiling

i felt like an idiot of course a guy like louis would never like me. im a freak. i start to get dressed i pick out light blue skinny jeans with a shimmery white tanktop with black toms. Ehh i look decent i mutter to myself.

i then got a text from Rori saying. "yo beeotch im here."

"come in the doors unlocked, haz is making breakfast." i reply.

"no fun.. i know a way to make this more fun for both of us." Rori said.

"and how would you do that?" i ask

"come outside." is the last text i got from her.

i snuck out of my bedroom and as quietly as i could i went out the front door without anyone noticing.

"hey girl!" rori exclaims.

"hey so whats this whole fun plan thing you had in mind?" i say

"okay so we are going to go up on harrys roof's ledge and we are going to scare the crap out of him." she said with an evil smile. oh god this is going to be great.

We ended up walking towards the side of the house where harry's window was. On the wall of the house was a white fence that has been covered with vines over the years.  I slowly walked up to the fence with Rori right behind me.  She gave me a little boost at first, since i was a tad on the shorter side. Once i got a good hold on the vine, i started climbing. After i was about 3 feet up, Rori started to climb up the vine. Unfortunately for me, when i went to go grab the ledge of the roof, the friggin shingle broke off the part of the roof i friggin broke off! right in front of me! my first reaction to this was, 'It broke.'  But as i started to fall from the horrendous 7 foot drop to the ground, i happen to feel my foot land on some unknown hard object conveniently placed a few inches below me. Once my foot made contact with 'said object', i heard a faint muffled groan. It sounded a bit like, "mmmmfffh" then shortly after, i heard a soft, "owwwwwww." Me being the oblivious person that I am, decide to find out what made such a sound. What was this thing under my foot and why did it sound so familiar?  So, I decided to experiment. 

I moved my foot slightly to the left and before I could figure out what's going on, I heard, "what the hell are you doing!?"

OH. Rori...That's right....she was here. I totally forgot...sorry Ro.....

"Oh hey Ro.....sorry ....." I said sheepishly.

"Whatever just get your bloody foot off my domepiece already!" She whisper shouted at me.

We kept climbing after the...uh...incident...and finally reached the top of the roof and saw Harry's window.

Oh this was gonna be good.....



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