Lila has always been Harry's little sister. He loves her with all his heart and cant bear to see her in pain. What will harry do when his beloved sister starts falling for one of his bestfriends...?


1. chapter 1

Lila's point of view:

I just sat there brushing my long brown curly hair when my bestfriend and brother walked in. His name is Harry Styles, yes the same Harry from One Direction. Hes always been there for me, i think that even if we wernt related Harry and I would still be bestfriends, we just have that connection i guess. "Whatcha doing sis?" Harry asks me. "Trying to tame this mane." I joke with him. "well would you like to meet my friends?" he asks. "they are in the same group on the xfactor with me." "sure, i mean theres nothing i rather be doing then meeting your friends." i answer sarcastically. "oh shut up you bum and lets go." Harry answers with his cheeky smile.  "urrrrrrrg fine." i answer. I then got up and followed my brother downstairs to find a mess of arms legs and hair in a giant pig pile in my living room. "GUYS." Harry yells. "those are them?" i ask  quiety so only harry could hear me. i got to admit i was pretty scared to meet them. "yeah." he answers chuckling slightly. once the pile of boys got up i got to say they were pretty cute, but knowing Harry he wont even let the boys come anywhere near me in fear of me getting hurt.

"guys this is my little sister lila." I step forward looking at the ground afraid they will mock me for having two diffrent colored eyes. All through out school thats all anyone would make fun of me for. I had one blue and one green colored eye. I thought it was pretty cool but from all the times i got bullied from it i learned to hide and be ashamed of being so diffrent than the other kids, i usually just wear either a blue or green colored contact so my eyes would match. Thats also another reason why my brother was so protective over me, becasue of all the pain i had to go through. I love my brother dearly.

"hello love my name is niall," i look up to see who said it because i got surprised by the irish accent i heard. He had blonde hair that you could tell came from a bottle but it fit him anyways. He also was slim and fit with the most bluest eyes i have ever seen. "hello." i answer but right when i looked up i saw there eyes and mouths widen once they saw my eyes.

"thats pretty cool," Niall said.

"yeah i love your eyes!." a guy in stripes said. "oh by the way my name is louis." he said with a smile. I have to say he was the cutest out of all of them. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes i have ever seen. His hair was tousled and it worked for him, he was muscular and the kindest eyes ever.

"hello, im obviously lila. and thank you." i answer with a smile. "and what are your names i ask the other two who still reamined silent.

"hello, my name is liam nice finally meet the sister of harrys that hes been talking nonstop about." liam answers with a smile. once he said that harry yelled "no i dont!" while laughing.  Liam has curly flippy hair like harrys but it wasnt the same. he also had the deepest brown eyes that could melt any girls heart.

"and i am zayn." the last one answers. He was the most mysterious one. he kept quiet but you could tell he could be a talker once you got to know him. he had darker skin than the rest if the boys but he also had the nicest smile that could even make you smile once you saw it.

"im going to go back up stairs hazza." i said

"oh no you dont." harry says mischeviously.

"haz... no. i know what youre going to do and remember last time your got hurt." i answer while backing away from harry. i knew what he was going to do and i was going to put up a fight.

"come on lil.." he says while walking towards me with a big smile on his face.

"haz.. i said no." while laughing.

"too late!" he yells charging at me. i had absoultey no time to react all i saw was a mess of curly hair block my vision and i knew i was goind down. and hard.

"harry your squishing me!" i yell "too bad lil."

thats when i knew i could get him back. I started fake crying like he hurt me and he got up thinking he did hurt me and thats when i stroke back. i tackled him down and said "ha ha ha lilmeister wins again! in your face haz."

"that. was. awesome!" i heared someone say i look back and see the four boys staring at me and my brother. it was Niall

"yeah! no one ever beats harry with tackling!" louis exclaims.

"i always end up winning." i said smiling as i stand up and help harry up as well.

"well we are leaving now lil we have to go practice." harry says.

"alrighty then." i say while hugging him "have fun and it was a pleasure meeting you guys. i hope we can hang out another time." i say smiling.

it was only 9 oclock at night but i was pretty tired so i decied to get dressed for bed and go to bed. i loved having my brother home.


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