Every Breath You Take

For the poetry competition.

My Dad smokes. So does his sister and brother. So does my mum's mum. And I hate it. It is horrible and I want them to give it up, so I wrote this poem. I probably won't ever show them, but still...

I'm not very good at poetry, but I think this is one of my better pieces.


1. ....


One by one they disappear,

Like a troop of committed men

Of which you are their general.

You light them, breathe them in,

Beckoning them into the fortress

That is your body.  


Do you realise they're double agents? 

Secretly killing you, puff by puff.

Though we, your comrades

Have given you plenty of warning.

"Desert them!" we shout it loud.

But you don't hear us.

And sooner or later,

Your fortress will be defenseless.

They will conquer you.  


So please, just give it up.

For me, for your family,

Your comrades.

We are in this together,

The war against those double agents.

You can't really like them.

How do they give you pleasure,

When they are blatantly killing you?  


You have the power to turn them away.

Get rid of your addiction.

I know you tried once before,

And they came back to their general.

Like a good troop of soldiers.

You took them back,

But now it is time to kick them out.


If not for you, then for me.  



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