It's like we're 17 again.

lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....


5. Chapter 4

Louis POV • "Look at them there.. They just met" Niall said to me as we stood in the living room watching Harry and Caroline sleep. "I know Lad... This is just weird-- and Eleanor is coming over soon so she needs to be gone" I said and walked out of the room. Eleanor isn't really distracting me from Caroline. I am freaking jealous of Harry right now. He's with my ex and they just met. Should I tell him I still like her? No... He would think what I'm doing with Eleanor is bad then. I can't tell anyone... ••••• Harry POV • My eyes twitched open and I saw Niall standing in front of me. I looked to the side and saw Caroline still asleep next to me-- not next to me. She was cuddled up almost completely on top of me and I had my arms around her. I lifted the arm she wasn't leaning on and scratched my head awkwardly and letting out a yawn. "What are you doing with her?" Niall asked. "Did you seriously watch me sleep?" I looked at him annoyed, then back at Caroline. She was really-- beautiful? Can I say that about my best friends ex? Well I just slept with her so-- I guess I can say that. Every couple seconds her short, but dark eye-lashes would twitch like she was blinking with her eyes closed. Her bun had fallen out and her hair loosely hung in her face as she smiled in her sleep. I looked back at Niall and he was still standing there. "Are you going to wake her up?" he asked. "No... That's kinda rude" I shrugged and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "Well she needs to leave. Eleanor is coming over and Louis wants her gone. Also I have Meghan coming over to help me in math. I didn't understand anything in class today" he shrugged. "So you can have a girl over but I can't?" I complain and look back at Caroline. She looks so peaceful when she's asleep.
"Louis!!" someone screamed in an annoying girly voice and I woke up immediately. When I sat up off of Harry I rubbed my eyes and yawned. When I looked back at him, he was smiling at me stupidly. "What?" I laughed and cuddled back up against his side, looking up into his eyes smiling. "I don't know.. You?" he said grinning and a blushed stupidly. "Hey Harry where's Louis?" someone asked as they walked into the room. Eleanor. "What is she doing here? I thought Louis and I told you to stay away from her!" she screeched annoyed. "Theres nothing wrong with Caroline. Why don't you get that?" Harry defended me and Louis walked in. "Hey El" he said putting his arm around her awkwardly, almost like he didn't want to. "Hi babe" she said and kissed his cheek. "Why is she here?" El asked annoyed. "Harry made friends with her..." Louis said, also sounding annoyed. "No not friends" I corrected. "Yeah we just met" Harry added. "So it's normal to lend cloths to a girl you just met and sleep with her for a couple hours missing class?" Louis said. I looked at Harry awkwardly. "Yeah why not?" he said and looked up at Louis. "Please... Can she just go?" Eleanor looked at us upset. "Yeah I should be going anyway. My cloths are probably dry" I say and get up, then walk to Harry's room to change. When I come out, I walk back into the living room to say goodbye. Eleanor and Louis are taking up the whole couch that Harry and I had been on, and Harry was lying on the floor. "Bye..." I said and El glared at me. Harry stood up sleepily and walked over to me, looking down into my eyes. "Want me to walk you back to your dorm?" he asked in his sleepy deep voice. I smiled and accepted his offer. "Bye El! Bye Louis!" I sneered at them and walked to the door. "Bye..." Louis said, almost like he was upset. I looked back down the hall at him and El. He waved at me before I walked out with Harry.
"What's up with Eleanor and you?" he asked as we walked down the sidewalk. I shrugged and looked at him. "She--" I paused. "She doesn't like me...?" I mumble. "Well I can see that but why?" he asked chuckling. "I 'may' of 'stolen' some of her old boyfriends... It's not my fault though. They ask me out when their still with her" I laughed a little and looked down at my feet as we walked slowly. I heard a beep in Harry's pocket and he took out his phone. "Everything ok?" I asked. "Erm... Louis needs me back at my flat--" he said looking at me upset. "Ok well I'll see you in class tomorrow?" I ask and stop walking to say goodbye. He stands in front of me and smiles. "Uh... Can I have your number?" he asks smirking. I give him a little smile and take the phone out of his hand, adding my contact. He smiles as I give it back to him. "See you tomorrow" he says and gives me a little wave, walking away. "Bye" I whisper smiling to myself and my phone buzzes. I take it out of my pocket and read the text. 
I c u :P xx ~Harry
I laugh to myself and start walking back to my dorm. It starts getting dark and I see the streetlights flicker on and a car rush past me. Eleanor's car? I know what her car looks like because Meghan and I have pranked her before, spray-painting all the windows black.
When I get back to my dorm, I walk to mine and Meghan's room and unlock the door. I walk in and sit on the bed not knowing what to do. I'm still tired... I lay down and look up at the ceiling. Why did Louis look upset when I left their flat? He wanted me to go didn't he? I wanted to stay and hang out with Harry though. Harry's-- sweet. He's pretty attractive too. I can see myself going on a date with him. Yeah... I can also seeing him being a total dick if we got together. He was nice but I wanted to stay friends with him-- for now. ••••• Harry POV • When I got back to the flat, El's car was gone. She left already? "Lou I'm back!" I called out as I entered our flat. Walking into the living room, I saw Louis lying face down on the couch not moving. "You better not be dead" I joked and jumped on top of him sitting on his back. He groaned in pain but never looked up. "What's wrong boobear? I don't weigh that much do I?" I joked and rolled off of him landing on he floor. He sat up and looked at me upset. "I broke up with Eleanor..." he said and looked down ashamed. "Why?!? I thought you loved her?" I sat next to him putting my arm around him in a comforting way. "I couldn't do this to her any more..." he mumbled. "Do what?" there was a long silence. "Harry I only dated El to get my mind off Caroline. I never wanted to leave for X-Factor but I'm glad I did. It was a little distraction from her after she cheated on me but I still liked her. I couldn't help myself. I needed something-- someone to get my mind off her" he looked at me waiting for my reaction. "You were playing El that whole time?" I screamed. How could he do that?!? That's not the Louis I know! "No I had feelings for her but that doesn't mean I forgot about Caroline" he said. Wait... He did like her? AND Caroline? "So why don't you like her anymore?" I asked afraid of the answer. "Because Caroline is back..."
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