It's like we're 17 again.

lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....


4. Chapter 3

After getting our coffee Harry and I decided to sit down and just talk. I got to know him a little more and he's actually really sweet. I wasn't really excepting that for some reason. He doesn't look like one of those people you can just sit and talk to for hours, let it all out. Harry would listen though. He would listen to me talk about everything from guys asking me out way too much, to my favorite foods. Once and awhile I would look up and girls would give me a dirty look. "Just ignore them" Harry would say to me. I'm used to girls hating me but this is a different kind of hate. Usually people just want me gone but the girls in here seemed to be jealous of me. I kept asking about how they became a band and he finally have in and told me all about being on The X-Factor. They seemed to have a great time. There was him, Louis, Niall, and the other two boys I haven't met yet are Liam and Zayn. They all seem like great guys and they must be really close. Liam and Zayn share a flat right next to the flat shared by Niall, Harry, and Louis. When we finally finished our coffees we walked over to the door but stopped as we saw it was pouring down rain. "It's raining" Harry said. "No..really" I joked and we laughed a little then went to sit down again and wait for it to stop. "So what happened-- never mind" Harry started. "Hmm? What were you going to ask me???" I complained. "What really happened between you and Louis?" he asked quietly. "You know what happened..." "No like what exactly happened. Why did you do it?" he asked. "Uh... Well I'm sure you know by now I'm a total flirt, well Louis was the only guy I flirted with for a couple years. He wasn't exactly popular, even though I was, but there was something about him that was just-- nice... He finally asked me out and then I met this guy named Conor. I liked both of them and I couldn't choose who I would be be. I stupidly chose both...
He found out and left for The X-Factor because he never wanted to see me again" I stopped not wanting to say more. "Oh... I guess a positive in this story is that your the reason Louis is famous, your the reason he's my best friend now, the reason he travels the world on tours and has girls screaming his name everywhere.
"I guess you could look at it that way..." I smiled. "So..." Harry trailed off, "Are you and Conor-- still together?" he asked nervously. "No I haven't seen him since I left to come here. I wanted I get away from him because he just reminded me of why Louis was gone--- wait.... Why do you want to know?" I asked grinning. "Oh no reason" Harry said with a smirk ok his face and smiled at me. "When do you think this rain is going to stop?" I asked changing the subject. Was Harry really implying what I thought he was. Sure I'm single but I don't think Harry is-- my type. We're more of a friends match. "We could just walk through the rain" Harry shrugs. "And get all my cloths wet? Not happening" I stated. "Come on..." Harry said taking my hand and pulling me up but didn't move back as I came closer to him. He didn't let go of my hand either, just stood there close to me and smiled. I looked into his green eyes and realized just how memorizing they were. They sparkled in the dim light which made him look- beautiful? He grinned at me as I stood practically on top of his feet and looked up at him. "So we could go hang at my place..." Harry trails off in a deep voice and makes me shiver. He grinned as goosebumps started to appear on my arms and I smiled at him. Maybe he is my type. He's cute, sweet, someone to talk to. I guess I don't have a type considering Louis was the last person who I was serious with. All the other guys I'm with... It's a one-date-I-shouldn't-of-gone-on kinda thing. "My flat is right down the street" he smiles at me and starts for the door, not releasing my hand from his.
When we opened the door, a breeze of misty hair pushed us back a little but we ran out quickly. We ran down the streets getting more and more soaked at every step. He laughed and I just kept screaming how stupid this was. "We're going to get soaked!" I complained and laughed a little. "We already are" Harry chuckles and we keep running down the road. Harry led me over to an apartment building and released my hand from his then taking out his keys and unlocking to door. He held it open for me as I walked in and immediately started dripping rain water all over the floor. Harry closed the door quickly and stood there in front of me smiling stupidly. "Well that was fun" I said grinning then bit my lip and he smiled at me. I looked up at him and he looked down at me, as our bodies stood only inches apart. "Harry is that you?" I heard the boy I met earlier this morning. "Yeah Niall can you bring over some towels" Harry calls back and looks down at me again. His curls are dark and some are stuck to his forehead, and his cloths are dark too because of the water. "Can I ask you something?" I asked Harry and he smiled at me. "Sure. Whatever you want" he said grinning. "Is my make-up running" I said worried then rubbed under my eyes. He pulled my hands away and looked at me. "You look fine" he said slowly and smiled. "Harry here's the tow-- who's that?" Niall walks over to us. "Oh your Caroline!!!" he smiles and hands me a towel then gives Harry the other one. "And you guys are wet because...?" he asked. "It's raining and that makes people wet" I say stupidly and Harry chuckles a little. "But you guys are soaked-- never mind..." he says and walks down the hallway.
"So... You can borrow some sweats and a T-Shirt if you want" Harry says smiling at me. "Sure" I say happily and follow Harry to his room. It was huge. About the size of Meghan's and my whole dorm room. He walked over to one of the dressers and started going through the drawers. He picked out some grey sweats and a Jack Wills T-Shirt and passed them to me. He walked out of the room, leaving me alone to change. I quickly got into Harry's cloths and rolled the sweats so they fit better. I put my hair in a messy bun and opened the door. Harry walked over and smiled at me. "You look good in my cloths" he grins and we walked over to the living room. "I'll be right back. I'm going to change" he said and walked back to his room. "So Caroline... How's is going?" Niall runs in smiling and sits down on the couch then pats the spot next to him telling me to sit. "I'm good. You?" I ask walking over to sit with him. "Great! I love this University!" he cheers as Harry walks back out of his room and sits on my other side. "Well my next class starts soon. See you all later?" Niall asks before standing up quickly and running to the door. "Niall your next class doesn't start for hours" Harry points out and Niall looks at him annoyed. "Uh... I have somewhere to be!" he comes up with an excuse and runs out the door. "Do you want to watch a film?" Harry asks smiling. "Ok" I say excited and Harry stands up walking over to a big bookshelf filled with movies. "The Notebook, 17 again {lol I had to pick that haha} or... Don't be afraid of the dark?" he asks. "Uh.... I'm in the mood for a horror movie" I say with a smirk on my face. He puts a DVD into a small black box then comes and sits next to me again. I pull my knees up to my chest and hug them waiting for the movie to start.
Halfway through the movie, I was already cuddled up by Harry's side and he had his arm around me. "This is... Scary?" he mumbles. "Man up. I'm scared too" I joke and he laughs a little. Something raddled against the front door and Harry and I looked at each other scared. "Uh oh..." he mumbles and of course we both think whatever is behind that door is going to kill us. It opens slowly and I bury my head into Harry's chest not wanting to look. "Harry? You in here?" I heard Louis' voice and I looked up at Harry relieved. "We won't be dying today" Harry jokes and I laugh a little smiling at him. "Yeah I'm not ready to die yet" I point out. "Harry is that you?" Louis calls out and walks down the hallway. "Yeah" Harry calls back and turns his attention back to the movie. Another really scary part causes me to bury my head in Harry's chest once again. "Why are we watching this?" I mumble. "You picked it out" Harry laughs. "Who picked what ou-" Louis stopped talking. I looked up and saw him standing there with a blank expression on his face. "What's going on here?" he asked disgusted. "Well we went out for coffee, it started raining, we came here and ended up watching a film" Harry said like it was obvious. Louis looked at me and glared. "Can she leave now?" he asked. "No... Can you try not to hate her?" Harry asks. "I don't hate her... I just never want to see her face again" he points out. "Well aren't you nice" I say sarcastically and look back at the movie. "Can you just get out of my flat?" Louis asks annoyed. "It's my flat too Louis. She can stay" Harry states. "Well El is coming over later so I think Caroline should leave" he says and walks out. "I'm sorry..." Harry apologizes and looks at me frowning. He still has his arm around me and I'm leaning up against his side. "It's not your fault" I say and rest my head on his shoulder. The movie is almost over and my next class starts soon. I don't want to go... I want to stay here and be lazy with Harry for the rest of the day. I only have two classes so that would be my last one. Do I really have to go?
Once the movie is finished I look over at Harry and he's about to fall asleep. His eye-lids are drooping shut and he is turned onto his side, facing me, with his arm still firmly around my body. "Are you going to fall asleep?" I whisper and he smiles at me. "That movie was tiring ya know?" he says without opening his eyes. He was right. I was tired too. I just wanted to-- fall... asleep.... ••••• Louis POV • Why would Harry be having my ex over at our apartment. Doesn't he understand how much I hate her? But I don't! I never stopped liking her. When I found out she was cheating on me it made me upset, but I never stopped liking her. I'm with Eleanor to get my mind off her because she's all I've thought about since leaving for The X-Factor. I would never give her another chance even though I want to give her one. She doesn't deserve one. Harry is my best friend and he knows how I never want to see her again. Why would he have her in our flat? Why would they be hanging out? Why would they be watching a film together? Why would she be cuddled up against Harry's side and he's letting her? But what I really want to know is why is she wearing his cloths? Didn't they just meet? Why would she even need cloths to wear? Where are the things she had on in class earlier? What's going on with them? What's going on with me?!? I think I've gone mad.
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