It's like we're 17 again.

lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....


18. Chapter 17

Caroline POV • "Mr Tomlinson, your going to have to leave now" a heard a deep voice say. "Times time... Please wait outside..." they said once more. "No... I can't... I can't let them go" Louis cried. I hate hearing him upset. I need to wake up. Try. Open. Eyes. I NEED TO WAKE UP! "Caroline..." Louis whispered. "" I said quietly and I heard footsteps walking away from me. Louis. No! I must open my eyes. People started talking quietly and I heard them say Harry's name. No... Harry! They can't pull his lifeline! They CAN'T! "Ok Mr Styles" someone said. My eyes flickered open. I woke up. Finally. The light blinded me immediately but at least I was awake. "Dr Julia? I think this patient...woke...up" someone said. I couldn't see though. Everything was white. The brightness started to die down and I saw the outlines of a couple people standing around me. "Caroline?" a young lady asked. My eyes finally adjusted to the light and I saw the lady.
Her evil looking blue eyes stared at me and started blinking rapidly. "You...survived? This is a miracle!" she yelled. "Where's Harry..." I asked trying to talk over the lump in my throat. I felt awful. My head hurt. My whole body ached. My chest hurt the worst though. I could hardly feel my heartbeat. I started shaking as her frown worsened. "Mr Styles... He's... gone..." she said and looked over. "No...." I said in disbelief then looked over. Harry was on his hospital bed still. His chest wasn't even moving. He wasn't breathing. His curls fell loosely on his forehead and his hands were facing the ceiling. Harry. He's. Gone. Tears started streaming down my cheeks as someone covered him with a blanket. "Take him out. We need to check up on Caroline as soon as possible" Dr Julia said. A couple nurses walked over to Harry's bed and rolled him out. No...
Louis POV • I sat in the waiting room not able to control my tears. My best friend and the girl I love are being given up on. They are in that room living the last moments of their lives. I want nothing more then them to survive. The door opened and I stood up quickly running over. A couple nurses came out rolling a hospital bed with them. No. I fell to the ground in tears. I covered my face and let it out. I let out everything. I felt like I sat there crying for hours. Someone set their hand on my shoulder but I didn't look up. "Louis...get up" I heard Niall's voice. I looked up at him and saw tears in his eyes. I stood up quickly and wrapped my arms around him. We cried into each others shoulders for what felt like a couple more hours. I don't even know which one of them was in that bed. It could be Harry. I could be Caroline. Either of them. I'm crying anyways.
"It's over! It's all over!" Niall cried. "No... We can make this work. Was that....Harry? In the bed?" I asked. Niall nodded his head and I leaned back looking at him. His eyes were red and watery and his cheeks were pink. "Niall want to come in now?" I heard Meghan say from the door to their old room. Why was she in there? We walked back into the room and I noticed one thing. One thing only. Caroline. She was sitting in her bed and looking at me. Her eyes were open. I could see those beautiful green eyes again. "Caroline..." I whispered in shock. Her mouth opened but she didn't say anything. I slowly walked over to her and she looked up at me. "Louis..." she mumbled. I don't know if she hated me or liked me, but I leaned down and wrapped my arms around her. She hugged me back like she missed me. Like she missed seeing me. I know I've missed her. I love her.
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