It's like we're 17 again.

lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....


15. Chapter 14

Caroline POV • Harry and I walked to his flat and he got changed. I showed him the things we could do. We walked through the front door, then passed Niall and Meghan who were asleep on the couch. "I miss them" Harry whispered and let out a sigh. "I do too" I said and reached over to hold his hand. His cloths slowly faded away until they looked like us, nearly see-through. "What do we do now? Pray to wake up?" I ask as we sit in his room. "We will wake up. I promise you" he said and wrapped his arms around my waist. He leaned back so he was lying on his back, and pulled me on top of him. I giggled and kissed his cheek. "At least we have each other while we wait" he whispered and wrapped his arms around me protectively. "Should we go check on Niall and Meghan? Sure we can't speak to them but at least we'll know how their doing..." I rolled off of Harry and walked towards the door. Harry stands up and follows me out and into the living room. Meghan was sitting on Niall's lap and was hiding her head on Niall's shoulder. "It's ok It's ok" he comforted her. "They will wake up. We still have a month left" he whispered to her. She let out another sob. I looked at Harry and he was staring at them blankly. He looks over at me and frowns. I could feel the tears threatening to pour out of my eyes any second and Harry leaned in embracing me. He held me protectively as I cried. "I miss them. I just want to wake up!" I mumbled in between sobs.
"We have a month left till what?" he asked. "Till they have to give up on us..." I whispered and leaned back looking at Harry. His eyes were opened wide in disbelief. "Let's go back to the hospital..." I said and walked through the door. "I'll be back there later" Harry called out and I kept walking. As I approached the large building the breeze picked up and dark clouds formed above my head. Light drops of water began to fall like teardrops as they fell right through me. I miss the feeling of rain. I miss feeling everything. I walked back up to the hospital room and through the door slowly. Nothing had changed. Harry's and my body lay on the beds still and lifeless. I hate seeing myself like this. I want to be real again. Looking around the room, I noticed Louis was still in the seat by the corner of the room. He stared at me as tears rolled down his cheeks. His cheeks and eyes were red and puffy, like he has been crying for hours. He sniffled and wiped away a tear then stood up slowly. I watched as he approached my frozen body and I slowly followed him. Standing across on the other side of my body, Louis looked down at me. His eyes scanned my body and another tear streamed down his cheek.
Louis picked up my hand and held it like I was going to slip away. "Please wake up Caroline..." he whispered and them continued. "I love you. I always have and I always will. The only thing I want right now is you. You are the one and only girl I want to be with. I know you love Harry, I can see it in your eyes" he paused then started again, "but I will wait for you. I know Harry. I know you. I wish I knew when you would make your decision. I want to be with you. I want you to wake up so I can hold you in my arms. I want you to wake up so I can see your beautiful eyes again. I want to see that cute smile on your face. I want to see those adorable dimples that show up every time you giggle. I wish you would forgive me for everything. For leaving. For not giving you the time to explain. For being with Eleanor. For yelling at you. But most of all, for not being honest. The truth is this...I will never love again if I loose you. Please don't leave me Caroline. Please..." he finished and kissed my hand. More tears filled his eyes as he walked back to the chair he had been in, and once again sat down. "I'm never leaving you..." he whispered to himself before shutting his eyes and falling asleep in the uncomfortable seat. Did he mean that all? He never stopped loving me? Why wouldn't he tell me? He was been such a bitch! Why would I take him back? No... The question is.... Why wouldn't I take him back...
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