It's like we're 17 again.

lets just say its a flash from the past for one of the boys... and how will he react when he is confrunted by it? read on to find out....


13. Chapter 12

Harry POV • All I can feel is my body laying on something. A hard bed. Or table? I've been here for days...I know I have. I just can't open my eyes. The last thing I remember is Sparky screaming and then a sharp pain hit me... Everywhere. Is she ok? Where is she? Where am I? God I hope she is ok. "They still haven't woken up" I heard a faint whisper. Who's voice was that? Who's 'they'? Jo hasn't woken up? I need to open my eyes. I need to see Sparky. "When will they wake up?" another faint voice. Who is THEY? "It's been 2 months... You have the choice to pull the plug or--" "No!" someone screamed. Pull the plug? My lifeline? I've been out for 2 months?!? What about Sparky!? Oh my god if she's still out-- they better not pull anything. I need to wake up. I need to. I need to for Caroline. She needs to wake up. What if she IS up? I tried my hardest to open my eyes for what seemed like hours. "When are you pulling the plug?" someone asked again. No. Must. Wake. Up. "We're not!" someone called back. I couldn't distinguish their voice. Who was that? Must. Wake. Up. My eyes flickered open and I was blinded by the lights in the small room. I groaned in annoyance and tried to lift up my arm to block the light, but I couldn't move. I could see. That's it. Once my eyes adjusted to the light I saw Niall and Meghan standing by a door with a doctor. Niall was looking right at me. Doesn't he realize my eyes are open?!? Doesn't he realize I'm AWAKE?!? "Niall" I tried to call out but he just looked at me. What is he doing? Why isn't he doing anything?!? My body jerked forward and I was sitting upright on the hospital bed, looking around. "Niall!" I screamed but he didn't do anything. He listened to the doctors words as he stared at me. "Harry?" I heard someone whisper from behind me. I turned around quickly and saw Sparky standing there. Wait. No. She wasn't standing there. She was on the bed. No. She was in front of me. No. Her body was lying still on the bed I was sure of but...she's standing in front of me. "" I said and pointed towards her body. "You..." I shouldn't finish. Her ghost was standing right in front of me but SHE was on the hospital bed.



// I'm sorry about the ending guys I had writers block or whatever it's called an well yeah, I'm sorry if the story goes a little downhill from here but I do hope *fingers crossed* that you will all stay to read the ending... Thank you all for remaking aswell ill xxx chole

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